can you major in biochemistry and still be accepted into med school?

<p>hi i'm going into my senior year of high school and going through the college application process. i was wondering, if i majored in biochemistry, would i still be a strong applicant for medical school?</p>

<p>There is no required major for applying to medical scool. There are certain required courses in math, science, and writing that you must take to get into medical school and a biochemistry major would take most of those courses as part of the major. </p>

<p>Thus, biochemistry would be fine. Important is getting high GPA, high MCAT (the med school admission test) and completing all required courses.</p>

<p>Biochemistry is excellent preparation for the MCAT and medical school. It is slightly different from many of your peers who opt for a biology degree but possibly more intense with more chemistry. The challenge will be maintaining a high GPA with a difficult course load. I am not trying to scare you as I am on my way to a biology and chemistry double major, and I assure you it can done. Also, your opportunities for research can be greater as you may be able to look in both the biology and chemistry departments.</p>

<p>Med schools really don't care what you major in although it might be a little bit harder if you pick musical theater or something. The key is to do really well in ALL of your classes especially the 10-12 required ones.</p>