Can you transfer out of liberal studies program?

<p>Like from Arts and Science to Stern. Or does the student have to complete the first 2 years? When the 2 years are up, can the student transfer to another college within NYU?</p>

<p>that's the whole point of LSP. if you keep your GPA above the average, you are GUARANTEED acceptance to the program you originally applied to, after two years.</p>

<p>i'm not sure you can get into Stern from LSP, but definitely CAS.</p>

<p>yeah lebronfor2008mvp, is right about not being able to transfer into Stern from LSP. They stopped accepting Stern applicants to LSP a few years ago, I think.</p>

<p>do you transfer into the program you originally applied to as a junior or as a freshman? does it take four or six years?</p>