Canadian averages Vs. US GPA

Does anybody know how to convert canadian averages to US GPA’s? I don’t think the scales are the same. I have about an 85% canadian average. Thank-You

<p>my guess would be to multiply .85 by 4, in which case you would have a 3.4.</p>

<p>tha'ts silly. it's not possible to have a 100% average. NO one has been able to do tha tin the province for many many years if not decades</p>

<p>I doubt a 4.0 is comparatively that rare.</p>

<p>so does that mean my 85% is good or bad? I know there are many other factors in determining this but im looking for a general idea. Is this good for an athlete that will be potentially recruited?</p>

<p>for athelete it's okay. it's an A I guess..</p>

<p>for others you'll want a A+ or 90%+</p>