Cancel or not to Cancel

<p>I have until like Wednesday so please help me.
I took the june SAT today and i'm freaking out.
I think I did alright on both CR and math but
I'm afraid of the writing section. There are about
3 questions I'm iffy on and I'm skeptical of my essay.
I think I started off talking about something not
about the topic... (can't give specific details) but
ended up saying the right thing and I think my body
paragraphs were on topic and pretty good. So I'm saying
that I might have started off talking about like wrong thing
but the body and conclusion were pretty solid and on topic.</p>

<p>IF I cancel this, I have a shot in October since I'm gonna apply early.</p>

<p>Should I cancel?
Give me your advice.</p>

<p>three questions...def. prob got a 700+...don't bother canceling it</p>

<p>why would you say 700+?</p>

<p>anyone else? please?</p>

<p>I have like 2 scores on my report.. both SAT I
If I keep this one now and if I don't do so well,
I'll have to take the October one. Then I'll have 4 scores on the report..
Is this bad? like bad enough to cut my chance at colleges by even a little?</p>

<p>"There are about
3 questions I'm iffy on"
i doubt 3 questions will do much harm</p>