Cancel the sat appointment? and some other sat questions.

<p>I should go and take the SAT test in june this month but now I still think that I'm not ready for the test, should I go and take it? some of my friends said just take it to experience it, some said " why don't you prepare well in this summer vacation and then you take it"
I don't know what to do!</p>

<p>by the way,
if I don't want to take it, can I cancel its appointment?
how can I cancel it and will the college know I cancel it and then there is a bad impress ?
if I don't go to take the test, I won't get a zero, right?</p>

<p>This is my first time try to take SAT test.
and still want to take some subject test in senior.
please help!
5 hours ago - 4 days left to answer</p>

<p>You can just not show up (Thats how you cancel) and no you won't receive a score of 0. College will not even know that you canceled. If you are a junior then I would think you should just take it. If need be then you can see where you are at and then retake it next year.</p>

<p>look, you may never feel ready. just be confident and take it. i guess it's too late though.
you only have october and november to test in next year as a senior..</p>