CAP 21 Graduation

<p>Hey everyone. OK…so I was just thinking. I know this year’s 4th years at CAP were the first class to do the new pilot program where you go 3 years and a semester, but I was wondering when you graduate from NYU. Am I considered NYU class of 2010, or will I graduate december 2009? Anyone at NYU or kids there, please help. I am just wondering. Also, if I get to grad early…that means I have to play less tuition, even if it is just a semester…thats better than nothing! Thanks in advance.

<p>It doesn''t quite work that way. The CAP program did end for fourth years in December (and they had a showcase) but the only kids who graduated were ones who had enough credits to do so. Otherwise, the second semester can be in a different studio or used for taking the liberal arts classes. So, no, this doesn't mean you graduate early. You COULD if you had the credits. My daughter has some friends who did but only for that reason. You still need to go to college for four years or have four years' worth of credits to graduate from NYU.

<p>Alright...thanks! Darn, thought I could get off paying less! lol. But thanks again for the info, I wasn't sure how it worked!</p>