Carnegie Mellon Admissions Fall 2022

My son sent his grades, but frankly, we have not checked the portal to see if they were logged.

CMU’s Department of Statistics and Data Science is part of the Dietrich H&SS school.

The provided GPA is right at the admitted average and the ACT is slightly above. Other components will certainly determine admissions chances, but I’d guess the admission rate of students with those objective metrics are slightly above Dietrich’s overall 26% admission rate. (Though that’s a 2020 number which has likely fallen as applications increase)

D22’s has “Additional School Transcript” and “Midyear Grade Report” shown as received Feb. 2. They were issued Jan. 25 but I don’t know when they were sent by the school counselor.

Midyear report and transcript are dated Feb. 5 in my son’s portal. This date is the same across all his portals at other schools. It looks like it’s an automatic download based on Common App.

Thanks for the reply. Out of all the schools he has applied to, Berkely (usnews#1) and CMU (usnews #2) would be the highest-ranking schools for data science but are reaches for him. I’m assuming both these 2 schools would be very hard for my son to get accepted into given that all the UC schools are test blind so he has no advantage with this 36 ACT score. In addition, since he’s out of state, it’s even doubly hard. I think University of Washington (usnews #5) is likely where he has the highest chance of getting into a T5 school in Data science as he is in-state.

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Our HS registrar did not send fall grades automatically. We had to go on Parchment and request that they be sent, then confirm with the registrar.

That is good news for the OP. From what I understand, the Data Science major is in high demand, however, and acceptance is likely more competitive than for a classic humanities major like History or English Lit.

Being from WA might be a plus, since CMU values its reputation as a national university, rather than a regional school.

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when are decisions expected?

3/26 9am is what I am thinking is likely

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Has anyone received an email from CMU asking for extra financial aid information via the College Board’s CSS profile? One of my close friends received an email approximately 2 weeks ago. Is this sent to everyone?

I remember NEU did something similar–he was admitted to NEU as well and received a very similar request for additional financial aid documents and received a hefty scholarship along with his admission.

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Don’t expect a penny in merit scholarships from CMU unless it is in the form of financial aid. (need based) That’s how they roll unfortunately.

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A request for additional financial aid documents would be sent to students who did not provide sufficient financial aid documents with their application. This will not be everyone, no.

What major does your son apply to for UW? I don’t see they have undergrad data science major

I know that question wasn’t directed at me, but my student also applied to UW and so we spent some time with available majors there. The data sciences major (Data Sciences and Statistics) is under Applied and Computational Mathematical Sciences.

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2 hours ago, got rejection message from CMU BFA MT/Acting. Guess we got it earlier because of the major (had 5 rounds of audition) :frowning:

At UW, my son got accepted into Pre-sciences and will apply to the AMCS program.

Applied and Computational Math Sciences Program (ACMS) | College of Arts and Sciences - University of Washington |

Yes, that is the program my son will apply to, AMCS. However, AMCS is not a direct admit major, so he got accepted into pre-sciences and is planning to apply to AMCS in 2nd year.

Their website indicates 20-30% admission rate. It’s going to be a crapshoot?

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20-30% for what major?

Applied and Computational Math Sciences