CAS Freshman Dialogue

<p>I recieved all the details by mail, but its been a long time and i conveniently lost that particular letter, can anyone remind me what the name of the book was, tht we were supposed to read over the summer...i remember it being related to shakespeare's hamlet in context(somehow). Please post the info if u have it...</p>

<p>rosencrantz and guildenstern</p>

<p>rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead that is.</p>

<p>Are we supposed to read the play before orientation?</p>

<p>wait.... are all CAS freshmen supposed to read that?
im confused</p>

<p>Freshmen Dialogue is required of all CAS freshmen.</p>

<p>so how were we supposed to know that we were supposed to read that? i never got anything saying that</p>

<p>oh thanks a lot, no wonder i'd forgotten the name... :)
no idea why u didn't get it Vanessa. you could read it anyways!</p>

<p>You should probably contact NYU if you didn't get it, I got the details about a week ago.</p>

<p>I understand you have to read it over the summer, and in time for the late August orientation week, but NOT before summer orientation.</p>