CC Test of test scores vs all else

<p>A kid at my high school a couple years back got these scores:
4.61 weighted (with +.04 honors and +.08 AP)
With about a 3.2 unweighted
59th in class of 420 or so
1580 SAT
790 Writing SAT II
800 Math IC
800 Math IIC (yes he took them both)
800 Physics
800 Bio e
--AP grades of Physics, Calc BC, Bio, English 3 & 4, Latin, Chem, and Environmental all 5's
--Took college math classes at UF in the evening
--USAMO qualifier (like 20th place?)
--Every local math league trophy ever, Half of the state wide math league trophies, and a couple national ones
--Only two ECs were president of MuAlphaTheta and president of Science honor society</p>

<p>He applied to:

<p>Where did he get in?</p>

<p>Harvard - Rejected
MIT - Rejected
Yale - Rejected
Rice - Accepted
UF - Accepted</p>

<p>The only reason I say the above is because of the low UW GPA.</p>

<p>Harvard- REJECTED
Yale- rejected
rice- Accepted
UF- accepted</p>

<p>Harvard - Rejected
MIT - Rejected
Yale - Rejected
Rice - Waitlisted
UF - Accepted (merit aid)
Low GPA and bad class rank</p>

<p>do you guys want the results now or more posts first?</p>

<p>Harvard - Rejected
MIT - Waitlisted
Yale - Rejected
Rice - Accepted
UF - Accepted</p>

<p>Harvard- Accepted
MIT- Accepted
Yale- Waitlisted
Rice- Waitlisted
Florida- Accepted</p>

<p>jaug1 your list is kinda on crack with harvard accepting someone rice doesn't but ill reveal all in about 5 minutes</p>

<p>I want the results now.</p>

<p>3 minutes or so</p>

<p>Harvard Reject
MIT Reject
Yale Reject
Rice Accept
UF Accept</p>

<p>Harvard- Waitlisted
MIT- Accepted
Yale- Rejected
Rice- Accepted
Florida- Accepted</p>

actually not that satisfying since the first person that posted apmcavoy
got everything exactly correct
he was rejected from all but rice and UF</p>

<p>An example that high test scores don't mean everything?
I think his rank/uw GPA ruined it for him.</p>

<p>Yeah his rank and GPA prob screwed him.</p>

<p>Yea I think GPA and rank are the most important pieces of your app.</p>

<p>crap again....I messed yup with MIT...sheez, he was rejected?......looks like no hope for me</p>

<p>not being in the top 10% is devastating. When 90%+ are in the top 10%, and the rest are "hooked", you are pretty much screwed. Sad given some of his accomplishments, but on the other hand he could have been rejected even w/ a 4.0</p>

<p>Not only his low gpa, the overabundance of math stuff and not much else makes him look very one-sided and suggests that he probably won't add much to the environment at HPYM.</p>

<p>There are A LOT of people like this with high SAT / low GPA who are rejected. Top schools like Harvard, Yale, and MIT get too many applicants with high SAT / high GPA.</p>