CC transfer to UMich

<p>Hi I am worried about my application to UMich, because of my first year performance and want to know what you guys think my chances are at being accepted to LS&A. My first semester as a freshman i dropped out of all my classes because of illness, and my second semester i had no clue what i wanted to do and was incredibly unmotivated and did poorly. A few A's and a few E's which i thought were dropped but not...I also had planned to got to MSU but changed my mind after freshman year. My second year at my CC i figured out what i was doing and became incredibly driven. I am apart of Phi Theta Kappa and a service group. I retook the classes necessary to save my gpa and after this semester i will have 61 credits completed(48 transferrable that count towards UMich degree) If accepted i would have 60 total transferrable credits after winter semester as i am applying for Fall 2011. I am applying to LSA and switch majors from Business to Math and Econ. Courseload this semester is 20 credits (figure this semester will make or break me. With my electives i have taken a lot of math classes. I will be applying with a 3.80 gpa give or take a few grade points(depends on this semester) I did average in high school(focused a lot on sports instead of academics) I figure i can explain the dropped classes and poor grades in first year. I am an instate applicant and should have some good rec. letters.</p>

<p>what do you guys think? Chances good or bad?</p>