<p>how important is cell phones in highschool</p>

<p>VERY! Not Social Status wise, per se, but here you have to have one because you drive everywhere.</p>

<p>Useful-one is everywhere at many different times, and this is usually the only method of coordination.</p>

<p>they are required. tho they can be pain in the neck if they ring by accident during class, those who dont drive yet totally need them.</p>

<p>I don't have one...my dad thinks they are evil - long story. I've made it through high school (I'm a senior) just fine without one. At times it gets annoying if I go somewhere after school or a meeting runs late, but as stated, everyone else has one so I just use theirs. I do at times wish I had one just for convenience, but it's not necessary.</p>

<p>The only time I have ever needed one was when I was in a car accident - but I wasn't at school nor did it have anything to do with school. So...personally, you don't need one in high school, but it is a really really good idea if you have one when you start driving, especially if you drive 50miles away on the highway almost every weekend (sorry, I'm still a bit upset over this).</p>

VERY! Not Social Status wise, per se, but here you have to have one because you drive everywhere.


<p>Umm... what does "per se" mean? It sounds really cool, and I want to start using it.</p>

<p>per se (adv.) Of, in, or by itself or oneself; intrinsically.</p>

<p>"per se" means in a matter of speaking.</p>

<p>I just use them when I'm going out with my friends, or to make calls home when I'm staying after school.</p>

<p>I didn't get one until I was 17. I don't really use it that much or need it, buts it nice to have. It's also a pretty accessory.</p>

<p>I couldn't live without my cell phone. In addition to calling, I use it as my watch (although I always wear a real one anyway), alarm, calendar, camera, address book, video-camera, MP3 player, V-cast (which I don't use) and I keep my memos in there.</p>

<p>Also, txt messanging!</p>

<p>My phone is HUGE compare to the other phones nowadays, but it's so fabulous because it contains a bunch of tech stuff in one.</p>

<p>Cell phones aren't just for calling!</p>

<p>"how important is cell phones in highschool"</p>

<p>Not quite as important as grammar. (Sorry I just had to)</p>

<p>cell phones r very important! i've had one since sixth grade, not bcuz im spoiled or anything, but bcuz its my only way of communication w/ the rest of my family. my mom has a tight schedule and worries a lot about me. i use it a lot, mostly 2 call a family member 2 pick me up, blah blah.</p>

<p>i honestly cannot remember when I last used mine</p>

<p>I basically use my cell phone to contact my family. I don't really talk a lot on the phone with my friends (no more than 30 minutes per week). I usually use the home phone for that.</p>

<p>I only use it to call my mom to pick me up</p>