Chance a Junior for Northwestern/U Chicago and HYPS

<p>Hey so I'm just wondering how realistic my chances would be to be getting into these to schools.
I have yet to take either the sat or the act as i am studying for them.. will thake them this winter. i would hope to get at least 2250.</p>

<p>Anyway i have a 4.0 with a rigorous classload.</p>

<p>2 ap's Sophomore APUSH (5) and AP Bio (4)</p>

<p>Junior Schedule (all A's so far...)
AP Calc (will take BC exam)
AP Government
AP Macro Econ
AP Micro Econ
AP Physics (might take the C exam)
AP European History
AP Language and Composition
AP World (self studying for may ap exam)
Spanish 3</p>

<p>not to advanced but oh well...
any way my tentative senior schedule should look like this...</p>

<p>AP Chem
AP English Literature
AP Spanish</p>

<p>University Classes senior year:</p>

<p>Physics 222 (sophomore college level)
Econ 301 (junior college level Calc based econ)
Econ 302 (spring)
Math 265 (calc III) (fall)
Math 266 (Differential Equations) (fall)
Math 300 and something too lazy to look up lol (Linear Algebra) (Spring)
Also will take some fun 300 level classical studies classes and maybe learn some latin for fun :)
Stat 226</p>

<p>EC's: (these are all by "end of highschool")
4 years Varsity Hockey (hope to be Varsity Captain Senior year)
2 Years JV Captain Hockey (Some varsity players had to suit up to play JV due to injuries and lack of numbers for hockey in the midwest lol... so fresh and soph i was cpatain of the JV team)</p>

<p>Youth Leadership Program (insert city name here)
4 Mission Trips (through church)
2 Years Cross Country (JV junior year maybe Varsity by Senior doubt it though)</p>

<p>Awards/ Special stuff:</p>

<p>Will be National AP Scholar
hope to be National Merit Finalist
Deans List at the University (4.0 in all college classes)
Highest GPA on Varsity Athletics awards blah blah</p>

<p>will have an economics internship with the university senior year fall... hope to write some research papers.</p>

<p>well... what do you think my chances are? probably not even remote these days it seems like you gotta be like a nobel peace prize winner to get into Harvard. Oh well. Also i am planning on majoring in Econ as an Undergrad hence the emphasis on economics lol.</p>

<p>You are in the possible range for all those schools. But the only ones who can give you a realistic assessment of your chances are the members of the admissions committees at those schools, and then only when they have your complete application package in front of them.</p>

<p>In other words: nobody on CC or anywhere else on the Internet can accurately predict your chances at any selective enrollment school.</p>

<p>This message is MIT-specific, but the principle applies to all selective colleges:</p>

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<p>Make sure your college list includes some safeties - schools where your stats are well above the norm, that you can pay for under most pessimistic FA assumptions, and where you'd be happy.</p>

<p>University of Chicago has an extra early application for juniors that is due in june before senior year I would try to apply by then. I applied regular EA but if I had known about it.. then I would have done it. You probably have a decent shot.</p>