Chance a junior :)

<p>Alright, so I'm only a junior, but I'm looking at visiting some colleges during Spring Break, so if you could give me an idea of how my chances are, that would be great, thanks. :)</p>

<p>GPA: 3.98 UW and 4.17 W
Rank: My school doesn't rank.
SAT: 1800 (600 for each section), I will take it again in March.
Freshman Year: Took all honors core classes
Sophomore Year: Took all honors core classes
Junior Year: Physics I Honors, AP Calculus BC, US History, AP English Lang/Comp, French 4, Information Systems, Chamber Orchestra, Full Orchestra (half-credit)
Senior Year: Will (most likely) take - AP Biology, AP Lit, AP Statistics, Government, Accounting I, Chamber Orchestra, AP French, Full Orchestra </p>

<p>EC's: French Club (1 yr)
French Honor Society (2 yrs)
Environmental Club (1 yr)
Asian American Students Association (1 yr)</p>

<p>~50 hours of volunteer work so far
Thinking of getting a summer job before senior year</p>

<p>Planning to major in Accounting or Accounting&Finance</p>

<p>I live in Virginia and I'm looking to stay in-state, but I've only come up with these options...I just hope I have a chance at some of these.</p>

<p>Virginia Commonwealth University
George Mason University
Howard University
American University
George Washington University
College of William and Mary
University of Virginia</p>