Chance a nervous rising senior please

<p>-I'm going into senior year, and I've finalized my college list. I'd just like to get some opinions on what my chances are at these schools, and whether you think my list is too top heavy. Here are my stats, and thanks in advance to anyone who reads this:
GPA-94-95 (in that range)
SAT I: CR/M/W: 710/770/800 (taking ACT in september)
SATII: mathII/bio/us: 760/730/730 (retaking math ii, doing lit in october)
APS: Lang(5), Bio(5), US(5), Euro (5), Macro/Microeconomics (4s)
-DECA-Regional President, National Finalist, 3x State winner
-Tennis-Varsity Captain, 4 yrs. singles player
-Model UN-Chair/Officer, Outstanding Delegate Award
-Mock Trial-Captain
-Alto Sax (Jazz/Wind Ensemble) 6 yrs, Sitar (Indian instrument) 6 yrs
-150+hrs. volunteering on Youth Court, Camp Counselor, Tutoring
-Interned at family law office last year
-Currently interning at NY Senator Chuck Schumer's office</p>

<p>Extra notes-I'm Indian, and I go to a competitive public HS in NY that doesn't rank
-I plan to go into business/law</p>

<p>Okay, so my schools I'm applying to are:
ED: UPenn Wharton
EA: UChicago
Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford, Dartmouth, Cornell-ILR, Columbia, WashU, NYU-Stern, University of Rochester (local), SUNYs</p>

<p>anyone??? please???</p>

<p>Being Indian and from NY is going to hinder you, though I imagine coming from a top NY public, Columbia and NYU will be more inclined to accept you (as I've seen happen with kids from other top NY(C) publics). </p>

<p>Still, your best assessment of chances will come from your GC, who knows best where kids from your school tend to end up.</p>

<p>Impressive Stats :) Your really well rounded......I'm not an expert but if i were to bet my life savings on it I say you get in to about 80% of those schools depending on your essays. But then again the Ivy's and UChicago are so picky and unpredictable. Good Luck :)</p>

<p>Okay. Your extracurricular activities are solid, they shouldn't pose a problem. Your SATs are average for all the schools you listed, so that won't give you an edge at all, but it won't look bad. I hope you're planning on taking at least 2 more APs senior year, as colleges want to see that your have a rigorous schedule.</p>

<p>But write some kick-ass essays, and get good recs, and it will definitely boost your chances. Your problem is that you don't stand out at all. Make the admins see your personality, and what you can offer to the school.
So. I'm going to say-</p>

<p>SUNYs- Most should be safety schools.
University of Rochester- Target.
UPenn, UChicago, Cornell, NYU- Slight reach.
WashU, Columbia, Stanford, Dartmouth- Reach.
Harvard, Yale, Princeton- High Reach.</p>

<p>Good Luck!!!</p>

<p>lyssarhenry I'm actually taking 4 APs again next year. If I were to score well on ACT (35-36) and get 800 on Math ii and a 750+ on Lit would that make a significant difference?</p>

<p>Right now, your SAT score is equivalent to an ACT score of about 33. So a 35/36 would be a significant difference, and will definitely help your chances. The SAT II's will help a little bit, but their effect in minimal on the whole admission process. 730+ on them and you should be fine.</p>

<p>So with those adjustments, you should be on target for all your schools, though Harvard, Yale and Princeton may still be slight reaches.</p>

<p>Hope you do well!</p>

<p>Just to elaborate and correct some of the things lyssar said...</p>

<p>Your SAT is equivalent to about a 34, so, while it may help you to get a 35 or a 36, your current scores will probably not be the reason you don't get accepted to some of those schools. Anyway, your chances look more like this: </p>

<p>SUNYs- safety schools.
University of Rochester and NYU- match
UChicago, Cornell, WashU- Slight reach.
Columbia and Dartmouth- Reach.
Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, UPenn(Wharton)- High Reach.</p>

<p>UPenn Wharton is arguably as selective as HYPSM.
Yes, you are **almost **expected to have an 800 Math II when applying to HYPSMW. The W is obviously for Wharton. I think that it should almost be included into the acronym because I've heard numerous times that it is as selective, if not more selective than HYPSM.</p>


<p>I disagree with some of the points you made. Firstly, a 2280 SAT composite is roughly equivalent to a 34, not a 33. This may seem marginal, but the extremely competitive applicant pools for most of these universities to which the OP is applying force admissions officers to look less at "what gets you in" and more into "what keeps you out". With respect to the aforementioned point, NO admissions officer would look down upon runi's SAT I scores. However, the SAT II tests will probably be more important to boost in your case, as getting a couple of 750+ seal up the biggest flaw (which is not major at all) in your app.</p>

<p>Hmm okay....I'm a little confused from what I'm seeing on these threads. Some people tell me that my stats are competitive, while others say they need improvements. I know my CR score on my SAT is fairly I'm aiming for a high score on SATII lit to remedy this....What part of my stats hurts me the SAT I or SAT IIs?</p>

<p>Thanks for all the responses so far, it's nice to hear everyone's perspective :)</p>

<p>Listen to Bernard and I...</p>

<p>There are certainly different opinions at play here. My thoughts on your SAT scores are that your Math and CR are about average, while your writing score is above average. Therefore, it seems most likely that your SAT scores would put you more in the 33 range than the 34 range right now.</p>

"your math and cr are about average..."
since when is a 770 in math "average?" </p>

<p>good luck dude. i would just work hard and apply. your scores and stuff are better than mine hahaa</p>

<p>I think you have a very good chance of getting into most of your are very well-rounded and I am pretty sure with SATs you jst need a certain score which you certainly have.</p>

<p>As far as the Ivys go, I definitely think you will get into at least a couple...your work with a senator shows dedication/direction, which they like</p>

<p>what do you want to major in finance, eco, acct?</p>

<p>I'm looking at econ or political science...unless of course I get into Wharton/Cornell ILR/Stern since they have different curriculum</p>

<p>i feel like it depends on what you want to do, if you want to eventually live in new york and work for an investment bank or do trading or work for a big four accounting firm apply to stern over wharton because its right there and has very good recruiting. wharton is also harder to get into.</p>

<p>I'm going to agree with everyone else on this thread.</p>

<p>SUNYs- Most should be safety schools.
University of Rochester- Target.
UChicago, Cornell, NYU- Slight reach.
WashU, Columbia, Stanford, Dartmouth- Reach.</p>

<p>HYP+Wharton, I'm not going to chance, because they are too unpredictable (but you have a shot)</p>

<p>Chance back?<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Hmmm Hannibalxx, I know my SAT's aren't the best but I'm hoping that my college fate is better than what you predict :)</p>

<p>Most, if not all, of the SUNY schools are definitely safeties with your current stats. I think that NYU is definitely a match and you stand a very good chance at Washington U. The Ivy schools are hit or miss for any student, regardless of their stats, but you certainly have a fighting chance at quite a few of them as your application is very well rounded.</p>

<p>You'd do well to disregard the people who are calling your SAT score "average". Although it may be typical to the handful of competitive applicants, it is anything but against the myriad of other potential applications. Besides, you're going to get into a great school regardless, so you shouldn't stress yourself out too much. Going into senior year with these stats, you'll fair pretty well with most colleges; personally, I'm inclined to believe that you should just start polishing off whatever you can rather than attack, dismantle and scrutinize everything.</p>