Chance a Nor Cal kid

<p>GPA: 3.62 UW 3.82 W
SAT (superscore): 650 CR 610 M 640 W: 1900
SAT II: 750 US History 790 World History
AP tests (school only lets us take ap classes junior year): Stat 3, English Lang and Comp 4 US History 5.
School doesn't rank.
Awards: AP scholar
Jazz band, beginning level 1 year, intermediate level 1 year, advanced level 2 years (one of the best jazz bands on the west coast, made monterey next gen festival.)
Karate done for 11 years
Lacrosse 1 year
Refereed soccer 2 years
30+ hours teaching karate
30+ hours volunteering at library
Summer Institute on World Affairs</p>

<p>I am white from northern california. Income bracket is about 60k. I go to a large urban high school with 3,400+ people. colleges seem to like my school a lot.</p>

Boston College
Claremont McKenna
UC Davis
UC Santa Barbara
George Washington

<p>from the title i thought you were using a new abbreviation for north carolina</p>

<p>lol i didnt know people used that abbreviation for north carolina.</p>


<p>Boston College: Reach (You’re in the 25% for SAT scores)
Claremont McKenna: Reach (SAT scores are once again low)
UC Davis: Target
UCLA: High Target
UC Santa Barbara: Safety/ Low Target (75% for SAT scores and great GPA)
Occidental: Target
George Washington: High Target/ Low Reach (SAT scores are around the 25%-50% mark)
Denison: Target (Not entirely sure though)
Whitman: Reach (Low GPA and SAT scores)
Clark: N/A</p>

<p>I would suggest retaking the SATs in the fall and try and bump them 100-150 points (with a focus on the Math section) or try the ACT! Just be sure to write awesome essays! Good luck!</p>

<p>Boston College - rejection (I’ve seen kids with way better stats/ECs get the boot)
Claremont McKenna - rejection (see above)
UC Davis - acceptance
UCLA - rejection (UCs are all about numbers and your GPA is too low for them)
UC Santa Barbara - possible acceptance (major dependent)
Occidental - acceptance (Nice to see this! I live near Oxy, such a beautiful campus and great school!)
George Washington - acceptance
Denison - acceptance
Whitman - possible rejection
Clark - ???</p>

<p>Why not consider:
UC Irvine
UC Santa Cruz
Loyola Marymount
Santa Clara U
University of San Francisco
San Diego U
Boston U
American U
Oregon U
Portland U
Seattle U</p>

<p>Thanks for being honest.</p>

<p>don’t be discouraged. definitely apply everywhere.</p>

<p>you have a decent chance everywhere you applied</p>

<p>how many times did you take the sat/did you try the act</p>

<p>that was my second try on the SAT. I will study really hard again and attempt to bring it up 100 points.</p>

<p>The only places that are really iffy and are probably going to reject you are Claremont McKenna and UCLA. BC chances might change if you’re Catholic, or if you improve your GPA.</p>

<p>Since you’re a CA resident, just buffer up this list with some strong safeties (like LMU, UC Santa Cruz and UC Irvine) and you should be OK! Won’t hurt to try and bring up that SAT score!</p>