Chance a Rising Senior for Top Schools!

<p>Heyy so I'm a rising senior and I'm freaking out about the college process...I would really appreciate any and all recommendations as to how I can strengthen my resume to be as powerful an applicant as I can...Thanks! I WILL CHANCE BACK IF YOU POST A LINK!</p>

Duke ED
John's Hopkins
UNC-Chapel Hill
Wake Forest
NC State
VCU Honors College/8-year Medical Program</p>

• Gender: Male
• Race: Asian-Indian
• State: NC
• School Type: Very Competitive Public (Top 300), 7-point scale
• Financial Aid: Yes to privates, No to publics
• College Major: Biology (Aspiring to become a neurologist)
• GPA as of 1st semester Junior Year: UW: 3.94, W: 4.77</p>

<p>Standardized Tests:
• SAT 1: 2000 (CR: 650, M: 680, W: 670, E: 10) WILL RETAKE
• ACT: 30 (E: 30, M: 30, R: 33, S: 27, E: 8) WILL RETAKE
• PSAT: 186 ugh… (CR: 63, M: 58, W: 65)
• Subject Tests: Math II, Biology, Spanish With Listening (Have not taken yet)
• AP Tests: APES: 4
• Sophomore Writing Test: 4, 20/20</p>

• Freshman Year:
o Honors English 1: A
o Honors Geometry: A
o Honors Biology: A
o Honors World History: A
o Sports Medicine/Athletic Training 1: A
o Spanish 2: A
o Debate 1: A
o PE/Health: A</p>

<p>o GPA UW: 4.0
o GPA W: 4.5
o PSAT: 167</p>

<p>• Sophomore Year:
o Honors English II: A
o Honors Algebra II: A
o Honors Chemistry: A
o Honors Spanish III: A
o Honors Civics/Economics: A
o Honors Pre-Calculus: A
o AP Environmental Science: A
o Debate II: A</p>

<p>o GPA UW: 4.0
o GPA W: 5.0
o PSAT: 178</p>

<p>• Junior Year:
o AP Calculus AB: B (Final)
o AP Calculus BC: A (So far)
o AP Biology II: A (So far)
o AP Psychology: 91/B (So far)
o AP English Language/Composition: 91/B (So far)
o Honors Spanish IV: 90/B (So Far)
o Physical Conditioning I: A (So far; Should have taken Debate III but because of budget cuts Debate was no longer a class)</p>

<p>• Senior Year:
o AP Chemistry II
o AP Literature
o AP Spanish V
o AP U.S. History
o AP Human Geography
o AP Statistics
o Honors Debate IV</p>

• Part of our school’s community service program (requires 25 hours per year of community service each year)
o Freshman Year: 25 hours at the YMCA
o Sophomore Year: 25 hours at the YMCA
o Junior Year: 25 hours in the E.D. at Carolina’s Medical Center</p>

<p>• Debate(9-12):
o Co-Captain of Debate Team and Public Forum Debate Head Junior Year, Will be All-Team Captain Senior Year
o Only active junior to compete in tournaments in 9th, 10th, and 11th grades</p>

<p>• HOSA(10-12):
o Not an officer, but I partake in the officer meetings and help plan trips to regional and state competitions; hoping to be President senior year</p>

<p>• Internship:
o 70-hour academic medical internship at a private neurology practice last summer where I shadowed the head doctor and assisted in the research department. Also, I wrote a paper on the effects of Parkinson’s disease on the body.
o Will complete another 70-hour internship at the same practice where I will complete a case study and hope to get a paper published in a medical journal.</p>

<p>• Spanish Club(11-12):
o Vice-President
o Help in organizing community service events for Spanish club members (over 100)</p>

<p>• Spanish Honor Society (10-12):
o President Junior year and will remain President Senior year
o Have tutored Spanish I and II students 2-3 times/week since sophomore year</p>

<p>• Student Humanitarian Organization (10-11):
o Co-founder
o Secretary 10th grade, President 11th grade
o Raised money for countries in need of aid who have been affected by natural disasters
o PROBLEM: THIS CLUB HAS BEEN CUT THIS YEAR. Should I still mention this club on my application?</p>

• Mu Alpha Theta (Math Honor Society): 11-12
• Spanish Honor Society: 10-12
• National Honor Society: 11-12
• HOSA (10): Placed 9th in Kaiser Permanente Health Care Exam and 10th in Nutritional Knowledge Test at State Competition </p>

<p>Thanks again!</p>