Chance a Stranger? :) Columbia, NYU, Princeton :P

<p>D: I'm really nervous about applying to my dream universities in fear of rejection! Help me out please? </p>

<p>Columbia and NYU are my top choices. :-/ Columbia mostly. Will be applying ED for Columbia.
Thanks in advance!!</p>

- Strong teacher recs.
- Strong essay and writing skills
- Female with Egyptian/Turkish Ethnicity
- Fluent in Arabic (4 yrs. study and nationally tested)
- Graduating from well-known private school in Abu Dhabi
- Valedictorian to be at graduation
- First generation college student in America
- Not applying for financial aid
- International student</p>

GPA: 4.0
SAT: 2310
SAT 2 Math: 800
SAT Chemistry: 770
SAT Physics: 780</p>

<p>AP Psychology: 5
AP Comp. Gov.: 5
AP Biology: 5
AP English Language: 5
AP English Literature: 5
AP Environmental Science: 5
AP Human Geography: 5
(all self studied)</p>

<p>Senior Class Schedule:
AP Physics
AP Chemistry
AP Biology
AP English Language and Literature
Arabic (4th Year)
AP Calculus AB
AP Computer Sciences
Religious Studies (4th Year)
Self-Studying World History (not offered at school)</p>

- 50+ hours volunteer work at local hospital
- Started volunteer group at that same hospital
- 100+ hours group community service
- Debate Club founder and president ( 2 yrs.)
- Environment Club (2 yrs.)
- Drama Club ( 3 yrs.)
- Lend A Hand community service club founder and president ( 2 yrs.)
- School President
- Yearbook photographer (1 yr.)
- Abu Dhabi Nerdfighters community club founder and president (2 yrs.)
- Swim Team ( 4 yrs.)
- Won National Environment Awards
- Won City Art Competitions
- Won various awards for writing (Scholastic Art and Writing Awards); Various works published in local magazines etc.
- Camp Counselor in summer at city club (paid job, one summer)
- Part time job at local film festival
- Held and started various fund-raisers
- International Honor Society
- Recognized nationally for volunteer work
- School Honor Society
- Member of 3 community service organizations in Abu Dhabi
- Participated in Nation-wide Environment Public Speaking Competition
- Participated in the Abu Dhabi Neighborhood Recycling Project 2 years straight
- Participated in the Emirates Plant a Tree Day 2 years straight</p>

<p>Please help! I'm nervous as hell and want to know if I have a shot at any of them..... Thanks in advance!!!! Really appreciate it!</p>

<p>BAAAAAAAAAAA-dump! :S</p>

<p>Your academic record is extremely strong. Columbia accepts a lot of athletes early, and so your strong scores are needed in the early pool. I think you have an extremely high chance of getting into Columbia early.</p>

<p>As the person above me said; I think you have a great chance of getting in! Don't be scared of rejection! NYU is a match for you and Columbia is a low reach (only because it's a reach for everybody)</p>

<p>You definitely have a great shot at Columbia! I don't know much about Princeton, so I can't comment on that..
Depending on if you're applying to Stern at NYU (which would be a match I'd say), any other school in NYU would be a safety for you.</p>

<p>Thank you!!! Any more opinions? ^.^</p>

<p>I'm also from the UAE :D. You stand an amazing chance at Columbia especially ED. NYU is almost a safety for you.</p>

<p>I feel like you have the potential to get in anywhere. Your not strong in just one thing. your extremely skilled in many things. that's what colleges look for, to be well rounded. Being an international students helps a lot also. honestly you have the ideal transcript. Question: how did you review for the SAT?
good luck</p>