Chance an international at Ivies (and judge my ECs too while you're at it)

<p>2300+ SAT, 750+ SAT subject exams</p>

<p>99.3+ ATAR (basically means top 0.7% in state) where max ATAR is 99.95</p>

<p>Straight As in senior years, but with a smattering of Bs and Cs in years 9-11 (counselor will be writing about my financial difficulties and family death to explain these though)</p>

<p>No GPA and class ranks available BUT my school is in the top 5 high schools in state, top 15 in nation</p>

<p>Superb teacher and counselor recommendations</p>

<p>Amazing essays and supplement </p>

<p>Amazing peer review (for Dartmouth)</p>

<p>Taking the hardest load available in the state at school</p>

<p>No special awards, but will almost definitely get a Premier's award or something (given state-wide) </p>


<p>School newspaper that was nearly dying that I 'revived', and managed to quadruple participation rates (editor in chief)</p>

<p>School band for two years (flutist and pianist)</p>

<p>Volunteering at a church for mentally disabled people (was a buddy to two guys)</p>

<p>World Vision & Sponsoring Club at school, where we try to raise money to sponsor children from third world countries (senior member and reporter)</p>

<p>School outreach/community service club that raises money, awareness etc for cancer council, visiting nursing homes, sending money overseas to third world countries etc (senior member and reporter) </p>

<p>Registered NGO charity that is focusing on building a school in a third world country by getting donations, fundraising and enticing sponsors (co-founder and co-president) </p>

<p>Self-published author</p>

<p>Summer research at a university in my future major in college</p>

<p>Recreational tennis, swimming and possibly archery if I take it up soon</p>

<p>Chance me at HYP, Cornell, Dartmouth and MIT? :/ I'm an international kid with an income of <20k (mother is a student, has been unemployed for three years) so I will definitely need full financial aid. The major I want to pursue is physics or neuroscience. </p>

<p>Yale is my dream school, in particular. I also adore Cornell and Dartmouth. Should I apply ED to Cornell (which, I've heard, increases your chances by quite a bit) and kiss Yale goodbye (not that I'll have a shot) or apply to Yale SCEA (which I won't be successful in) and "chase" my dreams? I've heard that RD Cornell is a lot more difficult to get into than ED, though, so I'm terrified that that will put an end to my Ivy dreams.</p>

<p>bump? ): gah, all these super ECs on this site are making me sad.</p>