Chance an international student

<p>Hi there, I am an international student currently studying at Bellevue college in Washington state. Other than UW, I want to try for colleges such as umich ( legacy, my brother graduated summa cum laude 2 years ago), Boston college, ucsd and Richmond. I tried applying to 3/4 of these colleges before last year buy I could not get in. However, I am not sure if the admission was for transfer student as I graduated from a polytechnic in Singapore and have a diploma in life sciences - gpa is 2.2/4 I was a bad student. Right now in the cc, I have a gpa of 3.97 out of 4 and I have currently taken 55 credits. For the cc, I am planning to join the business club and be a econs/ accounting tutor as I want to major in accounting when I transfer. I have 2 years completed in the Singapore armed forces (mandatory) and achieved a position of assistant company sergeant major for my unit which included a testimonial that was favorable to me. Also, I have worked in an accounting firm for 6 months last year ( have not asked my manager for recommendation but she will definitely write a good one if I asked) and I have experience working in hong kong for 2 months 5 years ago with a land surveying company. In my polytechnic, I had extra curiculars such as being in the rugby team, rotaract club, tennis team and canoe polo team. However, I did not have any impt positions in any of them as I just wanted to have fun. In addition, I have 2 recs from my teachers in my polytechnic stating that I have participated in these ecs and show a willingness to change from my past grades that I acheivex during my poly years. Also, in my secondary school, I have participate in the choir ( won silver 2 times for national comp) and was a senior member and also played tennis for my secondary school. Can anyone help me on my chances and what information I should put in for my transfer application? Also, I scored an sat score of 1870 last year, but it was straight after 2 years of my military service. However, if possible, I do not wish to take the sats again. Sorry for being so longwinded! Thanks and have a good day.</p>

<p>Bump. Hope to get some advise ! :)</p>