chance an unconvicted homicide suspect for college

<p>will that ruin my chances at all? i want to go to University of Rochester, Syracuse U, SUNY Albany/Buf/ New Paltz and UVM.</p>

<p>GPA(W): 91</p>

<p>Freshman: Honors Geo, Honors SS, Honors Bio, Regular spanish 2, regents english
Sophmore: Honors SS, Regents Math, Honors Chem, Reg English, Spanish 3
Junior: APUSH, AP Bio, Honors Alg2Trig, Honors English, Health/enviornmental
For senior i plan to take AP chem, AP Euro, AP Buisnuess (even though i cant spell it) and pre-calc.</p>

<p>SAT: 1820 (going to retake it again)
Taking SAT II Bio in spring</p>

<p>Extras: Volunteer Ambulence Corps member
Travel hockey on one of the best teams in the state
Travel Baseball
Volunteer at the community hospital once a week
Job working as snowboard instructor
Avid snowboarder</p>

<p>Great letters of rec
Great Essays</p>

<p>Major in Bio</p>

<p>AND IM KIDDING. IM NOT A FELON. But it did get your attention so chance me since you read this far?</p>

<p>I'm gonna say that Rochester is a reach, Syracuse is a high match (especially if you got your SAT up and can pay full price), all the SUNYS you'll be in, and UVM you'll get in. </p>

<p>I made my chance me title slightly outlandish (though not as much as yours) and I feel like people aren't reading it because they think it's fake, fml. But good luck to you!</p>