Chance at Cornell and Carnegie Mellon

<p>I want to do chemical engineering... I need a very honest evaluation of my stats. I don't want to be heartbroken thinking I have a chance at these schools when I really don't.</p>

<p>I'm a first generation immigrant from India... please tell me if that makes any difference. If you could, please give me a percentage of the chance. Here's my resume:</p>

<p>High School: Large school in South Carolina. No one has been sent to an Ivy League in five years. No one in the top 20 even went out of state last year.
SAT: 2190 -- 750CR 800M 640W
ACT: 33 Composite 30 English 33 Math 34 Reading 36 Science
SAT II - 780 Chem 780 US history 700 Math
GPA 4.71 weighted, 3.91/4.0 unweighted
Class Rank 23/438</p>

<p>AP Courses and Score
AP Euro - 5
Ap calc - 5
AP chem - 4
AP government -5
ap ushistory - 5
AP lit
AP psych
AP physics B
AP macroeconomics
AP biology
AP Computer Science (Self study)
AP Physics C Mech (Self Study)
AP Physics C EM (Self-Study maybe...)</p>

<p>Extra Curricular Activities
Speech and Debate
 School Team Captain (2011-2012)
 Debate Chairman (2010-2011)
 Degree of Special Distinction
 2nd Place State Tournament (2011)
 5th Place NFL Nationals District Qualifying Tournament (2011)</p>

<p>Academic Team
 School Team Captain (2009-2011)
 Team highest scorer (2009-2011)
 Team member (2009-2012)
High School Chess Club Member (2009-2010), (2011-2012)
 Re-established this team during the 2011-2012 school year. Chess teacher at a local middle school.</p>

<p>City Chess Club Member (2008-2012)</p>

<p>United States Chess Federation Member</p>

<p>District Geography Bee Winner (2007)</p>

<p>The Arts
 Lead Role in School Play (2010-2011)</p>

<p>National Honors Society (2010-2012)
60+ Service Hours</p>

 Volunteer Political Campaigner for Ron Paul
 Military Appreciation Event Volunteer
 City Youth Leadership Summit
Employment – Summer 2011, Moe’s Southwestern Grill</p>

<p>Extra Academics – Enrollment in Community College as part of dual enrollment program.
MAT 141 – Calculus II
MAT 120 – Probability and Statistics
CHM111 – College Chemistry 2 (Spring 2012 Semester)</p>

<p>10 character bump</p>

<p>SAT is OK for Cornell. Your GPA seems very good but your school must inflate some if your class rank isn't higher. I can understand your interest in CMU more than Cornell - Ivies are overrated for engineering generally. Why not GA Tech or other tech-oriented schools in your region? Or are you trying to go to college out of the South? What safety schools have you thought about? With your stats, you can get in plenty of excellent engineering schools as safeties.</p>

<p>The main factor is that I want to leave the region.</p>

<p>Yes I know I can get into GA Tech but I absolutely want to leave the South. Also, I don't understand how these top ranked public schools are so easy to get into. I had friends with 1300 SAT get into GA Tech for engineering. I'm skeptical of paying ob gobs of money to go to a public school and my degree not be worth it.</p>

<p>I have Clemson and University of Maryland as my safeties mostly because I'll get in-state tuition at these places. I am applying to 4 schools total. Any other suggestions?</p>

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<p>how can you get in state tuition at univ of md and clemson??reciprocity program of some sort??</p>

<p>I live in SC currently but my parents live in MD. Since I will be supported by my parents when I move there, I can claim residency after the first year</p>