Chance at Harvard, Stanford, Princeton, Yale, MIT, Uchic, Brown, Northwestern, etc..?

<p>SAT 1: 2200
ACT: Didn't take
SAT 2: French 740, French with listening: 750, Math 2C: 780 World History: 740
Unweighted GPA: 3.85
Rank: 17/250 (top 6 percent)
AP: 6 Exams (1 self study) all 5's except for two 4's
Senior Courseload: my courseload has always been the most rigorous </p>


<p>extemporaneous speaking-president (4 years)
Student government-class speaker/rep (3 years)
Helping youth club-4 year member, vice president (1 year) president (1 year)
Football (JV 3 years) Varsity 1 year
Baseball (varsity 4 years)
French Club (president 2 years)
French tutor-4 years
run my own tv show on local tv station
fusion music
have fundraised about 2000 dollars
have taught french in france for two weeks.
started my own foundation (internationaly helping children)
have written research paper (relating to my foundation) I would say this paper is very good (comparable to intel papers)
Run a very small business (like VERY SMALL, don't even know if i can call it a business). </p>

<p>Volunteer: soup kitchen, summer counselor, small yet consistent things</p>

<p>Major awards: none
reccomendations: 8/10 on both
counselor rec: generic. probably 7/10
additional rec: one from a northwestern professor. probably decent </p>

<p>State : CALI BABY!!!!
School type: public (doesn't send many to ivies)
Gender: M
Ethnicity: ORM
Hooks: none (except a weird major for an ORM if that counts for schools that do acceptance by department)</p>

<p>oh and I am also fluent in 5 languages</p>