chance at uc riverside

<p>Im going to be a senior this year but I struggled with school during my junior year.</p>

<p>GPA: weighted gpa is 3.24, unweighted is 2.9</p>

<p>SAT: 1970 and taking two SAT II during October</p>

<p>Other info: I was in IB during junior year and continuing for the IB diploma for senior year. I took AP calc, EngH and APUSH with two unweighted IB classes. Im not born here but came to US in 2002 and first person to go to college in my family (two cousins going to community college) </p>

<p>EC: about 130+ community service hours stacked so far, summer isnt over yet so expecting 150 or more. In chinese club for 3 years so far, officer position for 1 year.</p>

<p>I know it sucks pretty badly, no need to rub it in, but is there at least a 50% or so chance of me getting in to UCR</p>

<p>I think you are pretty good. UC Riverside is not that difficult. Your SAT scores are above average.</p>

<p>You know that SAT II are no longer required for the UC's?
except if you pick engineering</p>

<p>didn't know that actually. Just gonna take it for the heck of it. It can make me look a little better</p>

<p>The only ones who can give you a realistic assessment of your chances are the members of the admissions committee at the school, and then only when they have your complete application package in front of them.</p>

<p>This message is MIT-specific, but the principle applies to all selective colleges:</p>

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<p>Make sure your college list includes some safeties - schools where your stats are well above the norm, that you can pay for under most pessimistic FA assumptions, and where you'd be happy.</p>

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<p>Pretty sure you need a 3.0 for instate UC, 3.4 for OOS</p>

<p>Try different scenarios using the Eligibility Index Calculator:</a> - Scholarship Requirement to gauge your chances. Try UC Merced as well since it will only cost you ~$60 per UC to apply in Nov.</p>