Chance at University of Arizona?!

<p>So I live in Georgia, but I have family in Tucson, Arizona, so I really want to go to University of Arizona. I'm currently going into my second semester of junior year and I really messed up, my gpa for 1 semester of junior year is either a 3.1-3.3. However, overall I have an 87 average(including freshman and sophomore year). I have only taken 1 honors course though, but senior year I will be taking 2 Ap's and 1 joint- enrollment, AP Calc AB, AP Bio, and joint- college English. My SAT wasn't very good overall a 1690 and (1100, Math and English), I am retaking it though, hoping for at least an 1800. My extra curricular include: piano- 8 years, Debate- 3 years, JSU- 3 years, helped out at my synagogue for a couple years, Thespian Society- 3 years, I have been in every school musical, I think that is about it. So chance me, Thank You!</p>

<p>I believe you have a very good chance! keep working hard, and study for the SAT retake. Other than that your extra curriculars. are really great and interesting. So i think you're golden.</p>

<p>It isn't hard to get into just try really hard so you have a shot at the honors college because as long as your above 3.0 and don't completely fail the sat than you have like a 95% chance. As long as you don't get the admissions people mad you're good.</p>