Chance at University of Blue and Gold

<p>I'm am an Asian female (Indian) living in Michigan. My school is somewhat competetitive, but has sent no one to the Ivy Leagues. What are my chances in % (try to give them in %, please) to get into Michigan and Oakland University? I am a junior right now.</p>

<p>-SAT (old)- 1210</p>

<p>-GPA: 3.896 (uw); 3.968 (w)</p>

<p>-Class Rank: 30/360 (in top 10%)</p>

9th Grade (1st Semester/2nd Semester):
Honors Adv. Algebra/ Trig: A-/B+
Physical Science: A/A
English 9: A/A-
Choir: A/A
Spanish 1: A/A
Art/ Modern World History: A/A
10th Grade:
Honors Analysis: A-/A-
Honors English 10: A-/A
Biology: A/A-
Spanish 2: A/A
U.S. History/ Individual Wellness: A/A
11th Grade (1st Semester & Current Grade):
Physics: A
Chemistry: A
Composition 11: A
20th Century Literature: A
Spanish 3: A
Group Wellness: A
11th Grade (2nd Semester):
Spanish 3
U.S. History AP
Computer Programming
Calculus BC AP (by self)
12th Grade:
Choir (2 semesters)
Physics C E&M AP (1 semester)
Physics C M AP (1 semester)
Chemistry AP (2 semesters)
Spanish Language AP (2 semesters)
Computer Science AB AP (2 semesters)
English Language AP (1 semester)
English Literature AP (1 semester)</p>

<p>-AP's Taken:
U.S. History AP (11)
Calculus BC (11)
English Language (12)
English Literature (12)
Physics C E&M (12)
Physics C M (12)
Chemistry (12)
Spanish Language (12)</p>

Trillingual (English, Hindi, Spanish)
Bharatnatiyum Dance (8th to future)- Very Devoted, around 200 hours
Kathak Dance (10th to future)- Around 50 hours
Jazz (11th to future)- Around 5 hours, will increase
Choir (9th to future)- Made Varsity Choir
National Honor Society (10th to future)
Spanish Club (10th Grade)
Earth Advocates Club (10th Grade to future)- hopefully president this year
JV Soccer (9th to 11th) - probably not in 12th</p>

<li>I am very devoted to Indian dance and have won many awards. I think my three hooks are my strong GPA, challenging course schedule, and a passion for music. Obviously, my SAT isn't the best, so how much will my SAT hurt me? Will my lack of math class in 12th grade hurt me if I am planning to do biochemistry in college? Based on these stats (without essays, recs), what are my percent chance into the above schools. Thanks!</li>

<p>Your odds would be much improved if you knew the colors...maize and blue...not blue and gold!!! LOL</p>

<p>Anyway, your class rank and GPA are competitive, but your SAT is low. I would say Michigan is a match/reach.</p>

<p>Hmmm..I always thought it was gold.
What SAT score?</p>

<p>You have a 1210 on your SAT right? I realize you will retake it anyway and I am sure you will do better. If you can raise your SAT 1300 (2000 in the new format) and if you apply in September of 2005, I think you are pretty much as good as in.</p>

<p>And no, the Michigan colors and Maize and Blue.</p>

<p>dude you aren't going to get in if you can't get the colors right...MAIZE and blue</p>