Chance at University of Texas at Austin

<p>Alright I'm a high school senior guy and I want to know my chances of getting into the University of Texas at Austin. I know it's a HARD school to get into but my first major choice is business at McCombs and my second is liberal arts - economics. Here is what I've got:</p>

<p>•I live in Texas but go to a private/ independent that doesn't apply in the top 8% rule
•GPA: 88.74 ~ 3.4
•ACT Score: 31
•I've taken 7 honors classes and will be taking 3 more AP's my senior year.
•I am an Eagle Scout
•I am also Editor-in-Chief of the yearbook
•I have a fair amount of community service hours: around 60
•I am a 3 year varsity football player
•I already have a UT EID number and have gone on one visit
•I am a triplet and I wrote a pretty well written essay on it according to my college counselor. I also have my other essay that they say is good but I still have some tweeks.
•I have a résumé that breaks down my high school life and it is rather extensive with two job experiences, a few clubs, and awards in academics. </p>

<p>I want to know if I will get in, or if it is likely, based on the information I have provided. If it is unlikely, I also can get a recommendation from two people that donate a large amount of money to UT and are known figures to the administration but I want to know if my credentials alone will get me in. Please let me know as soon as possible. Thanks</p>

<p>Does your school rank</p>

<p>if so what is your class rank?</p>

<p>No it does not. But to give you in idea there will be 100 graduating for my grade and I am roughly in the top 18-30 area</p>