chance at usc?

<p>Floridian here wanting to know his chances for USC</p>

<p>Prelaw route...</p>

<p>Freshman year
Spanish I Hon-A
English I Hon-A
Algebra I Hon-B
Crit Think Hon-A
Spanish 2 Hon-A
Health -A</p>

<p>Sophmore year
AP World History,-A (3 on Ap test-i know sucks)
Ap Biology-A(3 again-i had a really bad fever and missed like the last two weeks of school so this was expected)
Spanish 3 Honors-A
Geometry Honors,-B
English 2 Honors -B
Drafting 2. -A</p>

<p>Junior Year (so far/ projected)
AP Chemistry-C/C (2)----------i hate chemistry
AP English Comp -A/B (4)
AP American History -A/A (4)
AP Government (TOOk ONLINE)-B (4)
Spanish IV Honors -A
Algebra II Honors(TOOK ONLINE)-B/B
Latin I (TOOK ONLINE)-A</p>

<p>Senior Year Schedule
Ap MacroEconomics ONLINE
Ap English Lit
Ap Statists
Ap Psycology
Ap Physics
Debate 1</p>

W.GPA 4.9
UW GPA 3.65
Class Rank= 19</p>

<p>ECs(by the end of high school)
4 years of Track (Captain Jr and Sr years, 3 varsity letters, 3 school records, regionals states all that good stuff, not going to run in college though)</p>

<p>3 years varisty Cross Country (Captain Jr and Senior year) ran on a cracked rib the whole season, so didnt go to states or anything, regionals sophmore year
3 years of being a Cross Country mentor to a local Middle School team (set up races, practices, etc.)
Finished 4th in my age group in the Naples Half Marathon (1:31:00)
Running 2008 Naples Half Marathon this december...
Founder of local running club (VP Junior year, President Senior year)</p>

<p>2 years of school soccer
Competed in Spanish Mens Socceer league inbetween season
volunteer coach/CIT at county youth sportscamp</p>

<p>City basketball runner ups sophmore year
Job at Country Club (18 hours a week)
Teen Court Volunteer
Mock Trial
Speech and Debate Team
175 hours of community service
2 years of Key Club, Model UN
3 years of FCA
2 years of National Honors Society
2 years of History Honors Society
Latin Honors Society</p>

<p>National Honor Roll
AP scholar with honor
Canidate for Lauerate Diploma (3 APs in # 3 different subjects, 3.0 gpa, and you have to write a 5000 essay and present it to a panel)
11 AP classes by the end of graduation</p>

<p>My GC said my essay is the best essay she's ever read, so the essays should be good</p>

<p>If this helps me any, my mom is a single mother with 4 kids on a teachers salary...</p>

<p>Try and boost the test score if you can; 28 puts you on the low side. But from everything else I see, you certain should apply. As it stands, I'd say USC is a low reach.</p>

<p>thanks for the feedback...anyone else?</p>

<p>btw-do they superscore the act? if so, would a 28.5 round to a 29?</p>

<p>bumping this up</p>

<p>USC does not superscore the ACT. I think you are on the border with a possible shot. If your essays are really as good as you say, that could make the difference. Good luck. </p>

<p>You might find it interesting to take a look at the "Official Decisions..." thread to see the stats of those accepted.
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