Chance at USC?

<p>Here are my stats:</p>

<p>White Male
3.63 UW GPA
4.20 W GPA
10 Honors Classes
7 AP Classes
About 50% A's 50% B's, No C's or lower
1950 SAT I (Math: 700, Reading: 630, Writing: 620)
SAT II (Math II: 620, Chemistry: 630)
80 Hours of community service
2 Weeks (1 Week Each Summer) Helping at a "Vacation Bible School"
3 Month's working at a movie theater
4 Elected Offices in ASB (1 per year)
National Honor Society
California Scholarship Federation
Journalism Club/School Newspaper
Creative Writing Club.
Caritas Christi Club - Basically the administration selects the senior's who they feel best embody the mission statement of my school.
Executive/President of a school "Mentoring" Program
1 Year of Football (Scholar Athlete Award)
1 Year of Cross Country(Scholar Athlete Award)
4 Years of Lacrosse(Scholar Athlete Award x 4)
Eligible in the Local Context (UC top 4% of class program)
4 Classes taken over summer at a local Community College, all A's in all courses. (Intro to Film, History of Film, Intro to Business, Intro to Marketing)
I also have an older brother that is a Junior at USC (If that helps my chances of getting in.)
I also would say that my essay for USC (my first choice) was pretty effective in showing my passion for Business/Cinema-Television. If I do get into the Marshall School of Business I plan on entering the BCA program they have.</p>

<p>I attend a small private Catholic High School in Orange County, Ca.</p>

<p>What is my chance at USC? (Marshall School of Business)</p>


<p>Bump. :)</p>

<p>Please chance me!</p>