Chance: Columbia, Northwestern, Emory, NYU Stern, BC, and Georgetown

<p><strong>Please chance me - eager to hear what you all think.</strong></p>

<p>*School Type:
Large distinguished public school</p>

<p>*Class Size (school does not rank):

<p>*Unweighted GPA:
3.68 (this is killing me...)</p>

<p>*Weighted GPA (5.0 for AP, 4.6 for Honors, 4 for Regular):
3.92 (9th-11th grade)
4.04 (including 1st quarter of 12th grade)</p>

<p>*Number of AP and Honors courses I have taken:

<p>*SAT scores:
Superscore = 2250 (800 M + 740 W + 710 CR)
Highest Single-Sitting = 2190 (740 M + 740 W + 710 CR)</p>

<p>*SAT II Scores:
Math II = 780
Biology E = 700 (disappointed)</p>

<p>*AP Scores, past and planned exams (only if they're going on the application)
AP Biology = 5
AP Calculus AB = 5
AP Macroeconomics = will take at the end of this year, expect a 5</p>

1. Class Council President (2009-Present)
- Manage fundraisers for the benefit of the class, and earned $5000+ to date
- Lead and supervise 30+ members during council meetings
- Reintroduced Homecoming Dance last year, after 28 years (is now an annually sold-out event with 850 attendees)
- Reinvented school's approach to Homecoming event
2. Student Council President (2008-2009)
- Organized a leukemia and food bank charity drive and collected $2500+ and 100+ non-perishable food items
- Negotiated budget/prices for school events
- Lead and supervised over 20 members during council meetings
3. Student Council Executive Board (2009-Present)
- Negotiate budget/prices for school events
- Lead and supervise over 20 members during council meetings
4. German Honor Society (2010-Present)
5. Pre-Med Club
6. International Club</p>

1. Boys State American Legion Program- 1 of 4 chosen/recommended to represent my high school (Summer 2011)
2. Foundation for Teaching Economics' Economics for Leaders Summer Program- Highly Selective (Summer 2011)
3. Middlesex County College High School Scholars Program (Took a Mathematics of Finance Course in Spring 2011)
4. Robert Wood Johnson Hospital Safety Ambassador Program (2009-2010)
- Educated children ages 7-8 in a local elementary school about public safety measures
- Created interactive presentations to effectively communicate the subject matter to students</p>

1. Robert Wood Johnson Hospital Volunteer (300+ hours, April 2009-Present)
2. East Brunswick Rescue Squad Cadet (35+ hours, July 2011-Present)
- Assist EMTs and Medics to provide care to ill persons</p>

1. SAT Tutor (August 2011-Present)
- 4-6 hours/week for all 3 sections of SAT
- have tutored 4 kids thus far
- earn $30/hr, save most income</p>

1. Student of the Month (September 2011)
- chosen/recommended over 740 other students for overall combination of community service, leadership, and grades
2. Public Speaking Class- Most Likely to Become a Politician Award
3. Recognized for overall exemplary performance as Class Council President
4. National Society of High School Scholars Member</p>

<p>*Additional comments-
1. Good essay. Good recommendations.
2. My GPA is a 4.5 weighted for the first quarter of this year, and I expect to close my senior year with something similar. My courses are just as rigorous as they have previously been, however I guess this increase is due to the fact that my classes interest me much more, and I also do have fewer obligations to worry about.</p>

<p>Thank you very much for reading my profile!</p>

<p>Where do you rank? I know your school doesn't rank, but you should know because colleges will.</p>

<p>Coming from a competitive HS in an overrepresented state has it's advantages and disadvantages. Columbia will have a TON of applicants from your area. Your rank/GPA and CR score will be low for the school. With no hook or stand out EC, Columbia is unlikely.</p>

<p>You are competitive for the others. Again, all of these schools see a lot of kds from your pool. Your essays and recs will be key. I always like to see kids like you apply to a few schools that are not swamped with good students from the Mid Atlantic. That's where you get an edge.</p>

<p>I would guess that I rank within the top 10-15% of my class.
I agree with you on the point of colleges around this area having an influx of competitive applicants, but I hope I stand some chance against them.
Which Mid-Atlantic schools would you recommend?</p>

<p>Thank you very much for your post! It was very helpful.</p>

<p>I don't know about columbia, i know kids with higher stats who didn't get in
but competitive for stern, georgetown, northwestern
and i think u would get in for sure at bc and emory
chance me 2 please</p>

<p>Ouch, Columbia is not looking very good for me at this point lol.
Thank you for your post lokapriya! I will chance you back right now.</p>

I am in the midst of writing my essays and would love additional chances. Any Mid-Atlantic school recommendations?</p>

<p>Columbia: high reach (for everyone)
Northwestern: high match/low reach
Emory: match/high match
NYU Stern: match/high match
BC: match
Georgetown: high match/low reach</p>

<p>Perhaps take a look at...
Johns Hopkins
Wash U @ St. Louis
USC (I know it's nowhere near the midwest, but it's a match and with your geographic advantage you're definitely in-- if you're looking for a good business school undergrad--i see you're looking into stern--, usc's is in the top 10 for undergrad... and it's in los angeles haha amazing weather, just saying. they also give loads of merit aid... but only if you apply before december 1st. so i guess not.)</p>

<p>Feel free to chance me if you'd like :) best of luck to you!</p>

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<p>I think, just like many people on CC, you have crossed the thresholds and have a chance. Just realize that chances for the higher-up schools like Columbia are a crap shoot for anyone and if you don't get accepted it doesn't reflect on you because you have some amazing accomplishes (and great job on your math score btw)! If your essay brings everything to focus I think you have a shot at any one of those schools. Good luck :)</p>

<p>Chance back?
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