Chance Determined Student for Top Business Schools


  • White male from NJ
  • Junior in private high school
  • Other special factors (first generation to college, legacy, athlete, etc.): none

Intended Major(s):

  • Business Management
  • Marketing
  • Possibly a minor in real estate

UW GPA: 94 (My school uses a 100 point scale, but on a 4.0 scale I have 4.0)
W GPA: 97 (My school uses a 100 point scale, but on a 4.0 scale I have 4.6)

Rank: My school does not rank

Test Scores: I have not taken any tests yet, but I am estimating 1400 on the SAT

AP Coursework (college coursework for transfer applicants)

  • AP Computer Science Principles
  • AP Computer Science A
  • AP English Language/Composition
  • AP Statistics
    Senior (Anticipated):
  • AP Calculus
  • AP Physics C
  • AP English Language
  • AP Psychology


  • Started a hospitality business that worked with local and luxury hotels to list their properties on platforms like Airbnb and VRBO. I would market, negotiate, and sell on their behalf in exchange for a significant chunk of the revenue I brought in. I started this business in July 2021, and I have made over $50,000 to date.
  • When I was 10, I started a film production company. Similar to my hospitality business, I worked with local companies and individuals to film, edit, and market videos for them. This business took off significantly during COVID because many businesses did not have the money to hire a professional videographer. However, I have recently started departing from this business since I make much from my hospitality business. On average, I make $3000-$5000 per year from this business.
  • Official videographer at my high school. I am responsible for filming, editing, and marketing videos for my school for their social media pages.
  • President of Broadcasting Club as a freshman and sophomore. This club streamed all of my schools’ sports games while simultaneously commentating on the games.
  • Had a YouTube channel as a freshman, on which I was able to amass over 10,000 subscribers and made $4000 in ad revenue. However, due to my school’s strict social media policies, I was forced to quit the channel.
  • Manager of the basketball team.

Volunteer work:

  • Overall, I have had over 1000 hours of community service since my freshman year. A large portion of that was video work, but I have done additional work as well.
  • In May 2021, I created a video for my local school’s class of 2021. This video took over 500 hours to complete and I did not receive any payment (This was intentional as I wanted to give back to my school).
  • In 2020, I worked with a hospital in Massachusetts to assist suicidal teens struggling with depression.

Airbnb Superhost
VRBO Premier Host
AP Scholar with Distinction
Head of School Honors

I have a handful of teachers that I plan on asking for recommendations:
Computer Science Teacher (10/10)
Head of Marketing (10/10)
Business Teacher (9/10)
Theology Teacher (9/10)

Schools including Safety, Match, Reach (include ED/EA when applicable)

ED 1:
NYU Stern or Carnegie Mellon Tepper School of Business

ED 2:
Villanova School of Business

Others (Will most likely do EA for all):
Notre Dame
University of Virginia
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
University of Southern California
Boston College
Boston University
Babson College
University of Miami
Lehigh University

Dickinson College
American University
College of the Holy Cross
George Washington University

Additional Note: While I am fully aware that my SAT is well below the average of most of these colleges. However, I am hoping that the rest of my application gives me a chance of acceptance. I appreciate any feedback, just keep in mind that I am already aware that is SAT is my Achilles heel.

Wow, this is going well!

Congrats on all of your achievements.

I can’t chance you but this list does seem long and reachy. You might try to winnow down schools some more. I encourage you to only apply to schools that have direct admit to their business school.

For example, for UVA, admission to McIntyre is not certain. You can be a 4.0 student in college and still not be accepted because you don’t meet their institutional needs that year, and then you are done. Same is true at UNC.

Next up, why Pepperdine? Are you comfortable with their religious requirements (classes and events)?

You might add IU to your list, as the Kelley school of business is excellent (ranked higher than a number of schools on your list) and it could be a safety if you meet their direct admit criteria for the test score (looks like you meet the GPA criteria).

Note that all the schools on your list don’t have EA. You don’t have to decide now where you are applying ED1 and ED2. Take your time to research each of these schools, understand their curriculum, visit either in person or virtually.

Regarding your SAT, I expect many of these schools will still be test optional when you apply. But, still try your best to get a strong score.

Do you have any AP scores from soph year?

This seems high even if you include the time the summer before freshman year (which you should), so just make sure it’s accurate. Only include the hours you weren’t paid for the film business piece as community service.

Hello. Thank you very much for your great feedback and advice. As far as EA goes, I am aware that some schools do not do early action. I should have put “If applicable” in my thread. To hopefully answer the rest of your questions, I added Pepperdine because it was my father’s dream school and he got denied. I do not expect to go there but I just wanted it on my list for that reason. I got a 5 on the Computer Science Principles exam. Sorry for not including that. While it may seem high, I can confirm that my volunteer numbers are accurate. As aforementioned in my thread, I spent 500 hours on the Class of 2021 video. Additionally, I spent 100 hours filming and editing soccer and field hockey games as a freshman, 250 hours working on several unpaid film ventures during COVID, 60 hours filming rugby as a junior, 125 hours doing various work as the official videographer at my school, 175 hours for broadcasting and a few other clubs not included in my thread, and 30 hours at hospitals, food kitchens, and homeless shelters. Thanks again for your amazing feedback and I hope I was able to answer your questions.

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I count 20 schools. That’s a lot. Try to cut it in half. You only need 1-2 safeties.

Wait until you get an SAT score to finalize the list.

What is your budget?

Not sure Northwestern has an undergrad business program.

Hello. Thank you for your feedback. Realistically, I know I do not need to apply to this many schools. I primarily just wanted to get an idea of which schools I should not even bother applying to (chance-wise) and remove those from my list. I think you are right that Northwestern does not have an undergraduate business program. That is my mistake. As far as my budget goes, I have already looked into the net cost for each school and I am willing to make any of them work finance-wise. Thanks again for the help.

They do have a couple of different Kellogg undergrad certificates though, so take a look.

Please sit down with your parents and get a budget from them. You should not (generally) take out loans greater than the $27K total in undergrad federal student loans over the 4 years.

Run a couple of net price calculators at the schools on your list, NU would be a good one because they meet full need…do you think you will qualify for need based aid? If your parents are divorced, own a business, or own real estate beyond a primary home the NPCs may not be accurate…are any of these the case for you?

You’re a NJ resident. Why isn’t Rutgers on your list? It would probably be the most affordable and is a great safety. Good for internships and alumni network.

If it’s because you think it will HS 2.0 it won’t be. College is not HS and Rutgers is big enough to find your tribe. Your parents won’t be visiting you every night. It’s nice to have a safety net nearby for home cooked meals, laundry, and a quiet place to sleep once-in-awhile.

And don’t go into debt for an undergrad degree.

Fordham would be a nice option. I think I remember Temple having a RE major in their business school.


If you are applying to USC, take a look at their Iovine and Young program. It is extremely competitive, but might be of particular interest to you.

Understood. My parents do not own a business or real estate and are not divorced, but they have been saving for college since I was born, so we have enough money to cover the cost of any college.

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Just curious why AP Physics C senior year? If I remember it’s calculus based. What about AP Chem or AP Bio to meet a science requirement? AP Economics for an elective? Physics won’t move the needle for business school admissions.

Thank you for your suggestions. My parents are not fans of Rutgers (Don’t know exactly why), but I will definitely look into Fordham and Temple.

My APs for next year are not set in stone yet, but I was told I should do Physics and Calculus simultaneously. My school only offers honors economics, which I plan on taking.

Why not Wharton?

I would love to go to Wharton, I just did not think that was a possibility (chance-wise) if I am being perfectly honest.

Test optional. Not much harder to get into than many of the other schools you list.

You are willing to make them work financially? Does this mean you will have the money in the bank to fund your net costs? Remember, your ability to get college loans in your name only is very limited ($27,000 in total for the whole four years). Other loans will need to be cosigned or taken out by your parents. Will they do this?

Will you qualify for need based aid? A number of colleges on your list don’t give merit aid at all.

Your business is doing well, but will you be able to dedicate the time needed to sustain this while being a student at a tippy top school?

You have Babson on your list…any reason why Bentley isn’t on the list as well?


Take a shot. You have really good ECs plus being full pay might give you a bump. Think about ED.

I would reconsider Physics unless you’re thinking engineering.

OP - the schools on your list are $75k/year. Do your parents have $300k saved? Can they cash flow tuition? If the answers are “no” then rethink your list unless you’ll qualify for FA. Taking loans out for an undergrad degree isn’t wise.

Disagree if he gets into a top school. Can be very much worth the investment. I wouldn’t pay $300k for a non first tier school, however.

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You are correct. My parents have enough money saved to cover my tuition.

I am known for being a multitasker, so I believe I can get it done. However, to me, education is the top priority, so if things get out of control, I will slow down my business ventures.

I have not heard of Bentley, but I will look into it further. Thank you for this suggestion.