Chance for a saudi student

<p>HELP...i'm a saudi female applying to northwestern, george washington, purdue, villanova, and penn state - university park</p>

<p>3.69 gpa, 11th in a class of 63
first quarter senior year: 4.05 gpa
ap biology, ap world history, ap chemistry and ap english
i got 4s on bio and history
highest SAT verbal: 690
highest SAT math: 500
national honor society, model united nations, senior committee, young women's club
kickass reccs and fairly good essay...</p>

<p>id like to know what are my chances, particularly northwestern and if the fact that im saudi could make/break my chances...thanks appreciate it guys.</p>

<p>northwestern -Super reach
george washington- slight reach
purdue- match
villanova -slight reach
penn state - university park - safe match</p>