Chance for competitive liberal arts?

<p>Applying to: Whitman, Oberlin, Bowdoin, and Pomona</p>

<p>Background: White female in NV</p>

-4.85 weighted GPA/ 4.0 unweighted
-Ranked 3rd in class out of 364, based on weighted GPA
-National Merit Commended Scholar
-AP Scholar with Honors
-Varsity Letter and gold bars for academics
-National Honor Society Member</p>

<p>7 AP Classes:
AP European History- 5
AP English Language- 5
AP U.S. History- 5
AP Calculus AB- 5
AP Statistics (In progress)
AP English Literature (In progress)
AP Physics (In progress)</p>

<p>2 College Courses:
Calculus II
Calculus III</p>

<p>ACT Scores:
June 2010
Composite: 33
English: 35
Math: 33
Reading: 34
Science: 30
Writing: 8
English with Writing: 31</p>

<p>September 2010
Composite: 34
English: 34
Math: 34
Reading: 33
Science: 33
Writing: 9
English with Writing: 32</p>

-Academic Olympics, 3 years, co-captain, 1 year
-Philosophy Club, 3 years, co-founder and co-president
-Science Bowl, 2 years
-Yoga and Aerial Silks, 3 years
-Cello: Have been playing for 8 years (this is just a brief synopsis)
*Reno Philharmonic Youth Symphony, 4 years, principal, one semester
*WCSD Honor Orchestra, 4 years, first desk, 2 years
*School Chamber Orchestra, 3 years, section leader, 2 years
*Solo & Ensemble Competition, 6 years, 10 superiors won, went to state level competition in Las Vegas for a solo
*Private Lessons, 6 years
*Co-founded of the Reno Philharmonic Youth Cello Quartet, which plays for sponsors to help raise money for the Reno Phil, 3 years.
*Paid Work: various musicals and religious services.</p>

<p>Recommendations are nice but nothing too special.
Essays are fairly strong and unique; my common app one is about how when my dad came out of the closet as gay, it showed me that I don't have to fit a certain role in life, specifically the old-fashioned "woman in the kitchen" standard that I always felt my mom pushed me toward. I also intend to write one about being vegan and compassionate toward everyone, because that is something I strive for.</p>


<p>You’re a solid candidate at all. Coming from Navada should give you a great leg up for diversity.</p>

<p>agree completely.</p>

<p>Thank you very much! :]</p>