Chance for Ivies, Georgetown, UChi, USC, etc. Will chance back!

SAT: 740CR, 700 M, 800 W, 2240 total (superscored)
SAT IIs: 740 USH; 750 LIT
GPA: 3.92 UW; 4.4 W
Rank: Top 10%; no specific ranking
AP: 5s in ENG, EURO; 3 in USH (school doesn't offer this course)
Currently taking: AP Lit, AP calc, AP spanish, AP Gov, AP Art History
National Merit Semifinalist, AP Scholar, National Spanish Exam 3x 2nd Place, Quiz Bowl Semi-Finalist, National Honor Society, Math Honor Society</p>

Essays: Common app ones were very strong but not incredible
ECs: Hospital volunteer (not typical work, I work in recreational therapy and created a weekly program) (10 11 12), Founder & captain of Quiz Bowl team, we appear on TV and compete (11 12), Yearbook editor (9 10 11 12), co founder of school's book club (11 12), learned Mandarin Chinese (9 10 11 12), Organized fundraiser for Free the Children, raised thousands of dollars (9 10 11), VP of Spanish National Honor Society, (10, 11, 12)Won a Chinese language-speaking game show despite being the only non-native speaker (lol...) (9), </p>

<p>Teacher Recs: Both should be really specific, well-written, and positive
Counselor Rec: Really great and not generic.
Hook (if any): Nope...</p>

State or Country: CA
School Type: Small Private
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Female</p>

<p>Your GPA is decent and your ECs are pretty good. Scores are good too. Harvard's dean of admission recently quoted that they just like to see the scores pass the 700 thresh hold. From there, everything becomes subjective. I would imagine it is the same for other ivies.</p>

<p>I'd say for the ivies you might get in you might not. It's a crap shoot for everyone and no one really knows. Georgetown is kinda the same but I'd say you have a very good shot of getting admitted there! U Chicago is also the same, but possible. I'm not sure about USC because I haven't researched it.</p>

<p>If you wrote great essays, you have a shot. Not a shoo-in, and not an applicant that makes me go "oh my god admit this person now!" But competitive nonetheless.</p>

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<p>Ivies are a bit of a stretch... but that's everyone.
You should get into USC just fine.
Your chances are really effected by the major you choose... but you have decent shots :D
good luck!
chance me?
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<p>in at usc, uchi and ivies are reaches but they are for everyone, georgetown is a high match/low reach.</p>

<p>also: i've also done fundraisers for free the children! small world?</p>

<p>@heyimpeter yeah! weird coincidence. also I got deferred from UChi today.. :(</p>

<p>You look great for USC, and your scores fit for the Ivies in my opinion. How small is your school? If small... being in the top 10 might not be all the great but it looks like you have an excellent course load and transcript. You look like a great overall candidate with your ECs as well :) Chance me back? <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>My school is super small (~50) but competitive.</p>

<p>I think you have a decent shot at Georgetown. Your GPA is decent and your EC's are impressive. However, based off of the info my school gave me, the average GPA for GU is a 4.5. Try increasing your GPA by the end of the semester, and you'll definitely make for a strong candidate, especially with your strong essays.
Don't know about the others, though, as I haven't done any research on them. Good luck with Georgetown! Chance me back? <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Oh, I forgot to mention that my GPA is w/o my 1st semester senior year GPA. It will go up significantly. Thank you everyone for your input!</p>

<p>Ivies - High Reach
Georgetown - Low Reach
UChi - I'm not sure, I've heard admissions are very unpredictable there
USC - Target</p>

<p>Ivys(not including Harvard, Yale, Princeton)-low to mid reach
Ivys(Harvard, Yale, Princeton)-high reach
Georgetown-high match to low reach

<p>Good luck on your admissions! Chance me back please (:</p>

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