Chance for Ivies?

SAT I: 2350 (800 Math, 770 CR, 780 W)
SAT II: 800 Math II, 780 Bio, 790 Chem, 790 Physics
GPA:3.95, 4.45 weighted
AP: 5 BC Calc, 5 Bio, 5 Lit, 5 USH 1
Senior Year Course Load: Vector Calc, AP Writing, AP Chem, AP Physics, Honors Orchestra
Extracurriculars: Math Team (Captain); USAMO qualifier; NHS (chapter president); potential president of student government (worried that I might have to campaign against some superpopular opponent that will be able to collect more votes than me from the student body); Regional and All-State Orchestras on violin (first violinist, hoping to get a top chair this year); FBLA (national conference winner)
Job/Work Experience: summers @ McDonald's
Volunteer/Community service: About 100 hours of tutoring
Summer Activities: working at McDonalds (I need to in order to support my family), taking extra math/science classes, and will apply to RSI and TASP programs as well as internship/research opportunities
Essays: Will be original and well-written.</p>

<p>State: New Jersey
School Type: Decent public, sends a few kids to Ivies each year.
Ethnicity: I am an immigrant of Turkish and Russian origin.
Gender: male
Income Bracket: <50k, full FA or scholarship is a must.</p>

<p>By the way, I will be first in the family to attend college. I am looking to pursue a career in engineering, business or medicine. </p>

<p>Applying to all Ivies, Stanford, and MIT, along with a few as of yet undermined safeties.

<p>Perfect candidate for these schools...
I recommend writing an essay about how you have to work at McD to support your family, seems like a nice essay topic. You should expect multiple ivy acceptances</p>

<p>Given your achievement and background, you stand to be a good candidate for any ivy.</p>

<p>You honestly have an amazing chance at all of them!
Make sure to apply to a few safeties because no matter how good you are, you never know if you will for sure get in.
Like Nihility said, you might want to talk about McD in your essay and how you support your family and how that has influenced the person you are today.
Good Luck! </p>

<p>Chance me please!
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<p>when you're applying , don't say potential student government president ; basically everyone's potential if they're running for the position
also , don't add in applying to RSI or TASP ; anyone can apply , acceptance is different</p>

<p>Thanks for the responses and suggestions, everyone. It does seem wise to write my essay about me supporting my low-income family.</p>

<p>Killzslayz: I have only included those conditional statements because I have yet to witness their realizations; I naturally will not include such statements on the actual applications because my resume will be finalized by then :)</p>

<p>Don't feed the troll. I gave benefit of doubt initially with regards to his stats/circumstances... but changing SAT scores each chance post + applying to RSI/TASP senior year... gtfo.</p>