Chance for Rutgers NB Ernest Mario School of PhARMACY

<p>Hey! So i'm an asian male and in a month i will officially be a junior. I have my sights on Ernest Mario School of Phamracy and wondered what are my chances. Here's the breakdown so far ( i plan on improving everything including GPA and extra curricular involvement)</p>

<p>GPA WEIGHTED: 92</p>


<p>SAT i have not taken yet but i plan on doing my best to get a 2200 or more</p>

<p>SAT Subject tests i plan on taking: Math I/ Math II, Chemisty and maybe Literature and Physics</p>

<p>Schedule: ( Health, and P.E are required. <em>art and music are required for freshmen</em>)</p>

<p>Freshmen Year:</p>

<p>Radical Algebra
Vocal Music*
Intro TO Art*
US History 1 H
Lit 1H
Spanish 1H
Physics </p>

<p>Sophmore Year:</p>

<p>Geomety H
US History H
World Lit
AP Physics ( got a three :( )
Chemsitry H
Health 2
Spanish 2 H</p>

<p>Junior Year (current)</p>

<p>Algebra 2H
Lit3 H
World History H
AP Chemistry
Biology H
Spanish 3H
Health 3
P.E/ Drivers Ed</p>

<p>Extra Cirriculars: Key Club and Enviornmental Club ( both are voulenterring type clubs)
I plan on joing Spanish Language Club as well which is also voulenterring type. I plan on joing NHS Senior Year ( i couldnt this year becuase GPA W is too low...need a 94W..two more points haha) I also did an internship with my guidance counselor at my school for 2 months ( whould have done it longer but people rotate )</p>

<p>Plan on vounterring at a science center and at the library. So far i have 40+ hours of community service and plan to get above 100+ by the time i graduate ( I hope i can o.o lol xD)</p>

<p>With all that said can you guys ''CHANCE'' me? I'll be sure to chance back :D Thanks in advance for any and all information/ chances.</p>