Chance for Shreyers?

<p>Please let me know your opinions on the chances for admission to Shreyers and/or for merit money at Penn State (Engineering) for the following profile:</p>

<p>Out of State Student
Weighted GPA over 4.0
Top 7% of high school class
Math SAT = 760
Reading SAT = 560
Writing SAT = 670
ACT = 31
SAT II Chem = 700
SAT II US Hist = 700
SAT II Bio = 690</p>

<p>Mostly Honors and AP classes during Soph to Senior years
Varsity letters and captain in two sports
Summer paid science internship in a laboratory at a top five university
Good EC's and recommendations.
Average essay.</p>


<p>You won't get into SHC with average essays.
Not a lot of merit money for incoming freshman, but you have the numbers to be accepted to PSU.</p>

<p>Schreyer is a very cool thing but it is almost Ivy League difficult to get into (and then hard to stay in because there is a GPA you have to maintain). You get smaller classes, a really beautiful honors dorm and a little academic scholarship (typically $3k a year) -- not all that much considering PSU is 25k instate and like 37 out of state.</p>

<p>One of our kids got into Shreyer but also got into Penn and Georgetown -- and the funny thing was, after you factor in the financial aid, Penn and Georgetown cost less than PSU.</p>

<p>If you really love PSU and you're super-bright, Shreyer is a great way to make connections -- the university totally rolls out the red carpet for the Schreyer kids.</p>

<p>Anyway, you need a very rigorous HS courseload, lots of APs (and As in most of them), very strong SAT and good essays with a really good rationale for what you want to study.</p>

<p>SHC does not consider SAT or AP scores when making their decisions on applicants. The $$ you get is pretty significant, 3,500 plus the SHC also has several other awards to give out just to their students. Being in the SHC also makes you eligible for additional University and College scholarships. </p>

<p>When making their decisions on applicants the SHC loosk at your essays, GPA, letters of rec, and rigor of course load.</p>

<p>Is class rank important to Schreyers?</p>