Chance for UC schools

<p>I am white out of state no financial aid requested originally born in CA
So my capped uc gpa is only a 3.67
but my uncapped uc gpa which I hear is used for the more prestigious campuses is a 4.25 however there might by a ever so slight downward trend because I only took AP classes junior year, and I had a new japanese teacher who made the entire year a living hell for me. I only took one regular class in sophomore year.</p>

<p>Anyway my sat 1 scores were
740- cr
670- math
600 - writing :(</p>

<p>I took again and got math up to a 720, for some reason really simple math is a problem for me. Moreover my writing score is horrendous, but there is nothing I can do to bring it up</p>

<p>SAT 2's
Math 2 = 800
Biology = 750</p>

<p>ap tests
US gov 5
Psych 5
european hist 4
econ 4
lang 4
physics 3
I am on the forensics team and do LD debate we travel on the national circuit, and besides some small clubs like amnesty international this is my only EC but it does take a considerable amount of effort (usually 16 + hours a week )
Nothing truly considerable
I did start a fundraiser to help rebuild jersey city
I did like 50 hours of community service besides this</p>

<p>I was hoping ucsd but would really be okay with anything besides UCSC or UCR or UCM so what do you think my chances are? Also in my school i have a 3.9 gpa including my horrible freshmen year, and for some reason the average gpa accepted to uc schools is often lower then the posted on their website. i.e. sb davis and irvine are around only a 3.7</p>