Chance me and I'll chance back... really...

<p>Hey guys, I currently live in NY and am in the 100k+> income bracket. I will be applying to all my schools without asking for any financial aid. I attend a private jesuit prep schools which I guess is kind of prestigious because it is jesuit.</p>

<p>ACT: 31
GPA: 3.85 </p>

English 1 H: A
Algebra 2 Adv H: B+
Global 1: B+
Biology H: B+
Latin 1: A
Religious Studies 1: A
Intro to computers: A
Intro to music: A</p>

<p>Sophomore Year
English 2 Adv H: B+
Geometry H: A
Global 2 H: A
Chemistry: A
Latin 2 H: B (grrr)
Spanish 1: A
Religioius Studies 2: A</p>

<p>Junior Year
AP english lit and comp: B+
AP US History: A
Trig-log-calc H: A
Physics H: A
Latin 3 H: A
Spainsh 2 H: A
Religious Studies 3: A</p>

<p>Senior Year (anticipated)
AP Lit and Comp: A
AP Calc: A
AP Macro: A
Latin 4 H: A
Engeneering Science H: A
Religious Studies 4: A</p>

<p>Extra curriculars:
I have worked at a local hardware store since 8th grade (for 5 years) for
10hrs+ p/w durirng the school year and 30hrs+ p/w during the summer.
Indoor track: freshmen/junior year
Cross country: Freshmen/sophomore year
Outdoor track: Freshmen/sophomore year
100hrs as a junior community service at local community house</p>

<p>Summer activities:
Freshmen: Went on a NOLS trip for 1month in wyoming/worked
Sophomore: Traveled through Europe for 3weeks/worked
Junior: Worked </p>

<p>ESSAYs: think they really stand out. I reinforce the quote "lifes like a box of chocolates" and talk about 3 eventful things in my life that were unexpected
Recs: I know they'll be great
Councler- who knows, she says she really puts alot of effort in but I think shes a wack</p>

UVA- my dream school, I would do anything to get in here... If anyone has any advice about this school send me a PM
DUKE - applying ED
Dartmouth (we can all dream can't we)
University of Florida
John's hopkins

<p>UVA- I don't know much about it, but I know it's extremely difficult to get into
UNC - Match/Low-Low Reach
DUKE - Match/Low-Reach
UPENN - Low Reach
USC - Match
Dartmouth - Reach
University of Florida - (Hard for OOS) Low/Mid Reach
John's hopkins - Reach
Vanderbilt - Match/ish
Emory - No info.
Rice - No info.</p>

<p>I think you need a higher GPA, especially for a school like UVA(ranked 20th or so in the nation), you should also try taking the SAT, with a good score I think you could into some of those schools (not dartmouth)</p>

<p>good luck with UVA :)</p>

<p>Help me out plz, I need some serious advice :)</p>

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<p>alrigth thanks guys.
Carlozz16 I'm definantly not taking the sat. Took it once got a 1830 and I'm never going back. The ACT I feel is whats right for me :). And Guys I'm considered instate at UF so thats going to make a large difference.</p>

DUKE - applying ED- match-low reach
UPENN-mid reach
Dartmouth (we can all dream can't we)-mid-high reach
University of Florida - don't know
John's hopkins-Low reach
Vanderbilt-low reach
Emory-low reach
Rice -low reach</p>

<p>chance back?
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DUKE - applying ED- low to mid reach
UPENN-mid reach
USC-in (if its south carolina) match if its southern cal
Dartmouth (we can all dream can't we)-mid tohigh reach
University of Florida - in
John's hopkins-mid reach
Vanderbilt-low reach
Emory-low reach
Rice -low reach</p>

<p>By "in" i mean i would be shocked if you did not get in. And match i mean really good chance of getting in.</p>

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<p>UF: High reach being OOS, UF is only 3% out OOS, while UNC is 18% and UVa ia 33%</p>

<p>if UVa is your "dream school", then why are you applying to Duke ED...?</p>

<p>anyone else? especially chance UVA as I would like to know most about this school.</p>

<p>Don't apply to places ED if you want to go to UVA, just saying. Its very different for you out of state kids apparently, though to tell the truth, your SAT scores and GPA don't seem completely up to par. If you could boost the SAT and have more consistent EC's that would help. I would say its a low-mid reach for you.</p>

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<p>look at UVA website for the admission blog (Dean J). Look at admit stats for incoming acceptees. Approx 94% admitted from top 10% of their class. Extremely competitive for OOS. Luck is not a factor.</p>

<p>Let me put it into perspective...</p>

<p>UVA - "dream school," eh? You're in.
UNC - OOS doesn't help, chump
DUKE - ED is on your side, too bad your scores aren't.
UPENN - ...
USC - In
Dartmouth (we can all dream can't we) - you're right, we all "can" dream, but this is the real world, kid, and dreams don't come true.
University of Florida - In
John's hopkins - That spot is reserved for some other kids..meh?
Vanderbilt - In
Emory - In
Rice - In</p>

<p>TYC747 - Harsh...</p>

<p>I also am wondering why you are applying to Duke ED if you want to go to UVA the most.</p>

<p>Great chances across the board except for UPENN, Dartmouth, JHU (but you probably knew that these are reaches for ALMOST all applicants) these would be a mid-high reach for you. Good luck with everything.</p>

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<p>UVA- match
UNC - match
DUKE - probably match if ED
UPENN - low/mid reach
USC - match
Dartmouth (we can all dream can't we) - low reach
University of Florida - match/low reach
John's hopkins - low reach
Vanderbilt - match
Emory - not sure
Rice - not sure</p>

<p>ED is on your side, too bad your scores aren't", "you're right, we all "can" dream, but this is the real world, kid, and dreams don't come true." Man tommy, college is honestly going to be so different without you.When ever you make these retarded comments all I can do is laugh. Your sense of humor is almost exactly the same as mine.. Man I'm crying I'm laughing so hard..
Guys TJC747 is my best friend and we like to put eachother down :)
Ohh and hopkins wut wut?</p>

<p>Chance threads are so goofy. </p>

<p>Check out the "accepted" stats for this year and ask yourself whether your scores/ECs/Etc. match up. And just apply. You'll never know until you try!</p>

<p>Just FYI -- and we're in state in Northern Virginia, so I'm guessing we're at a disadvantage -- no one from our school with less than a 4.0 w. GPA was accepted this year (or the past couple of years, for that matter, and our school only gives 1 bonus point for APs) and I know many kids (one especially near and dear to my heart who would have been a third-generation legacy) who have 31 ACTs, 2100 on SATs and unbelievable, over-the-top ECs who were rejected as well.</p>

<p>You should do some research and make sure you have some safety schools. I don't really see any on your list (unless you are URM, maybe, or a legacy somewhere?)</p>

<p>anyone else want to give their 2 cents?</p>

<p>gah uva is always hard. I have to boost my SAT though and i also have to take ACT. UVA is heavy on GPA from what i hear and see, followed by class rank and essays. I went to a tour session, they stressed rigor of courses and GPA, not so much SAT (they spent a minute on it). UVA is a crapshoot in all honesty, a friend had a 1580/1600 and was rejected. Good luck! Hopefully we both get in :)</p>

<p>just noticed your applying OOS, good God you're going to have a rough time getting in. Gets REALLY competitive OOS. Good Luck!</p>

<p>you definitely need community service that shows a clear path, an an interest in your intended major. i cant tell at all from your extracurriculars what your future career paths might be.
you may want to work on that over the summer, but other than that, you seriously have a really good chance at all these schools!
perhaps you should take the act again so that its more consistent with your gpa
chance back?
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