Chance Me! Any feedback would be appreciated!

<p>A little background: Asian-American, first generation </p>

<p>Major: Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Humanities
Weighted GPA: 3.51 UC GPA: 3.53</p>

<p>Class-rank: N/A (I don't think my school ranks but I do know I am in the top 50% or even higher)
SAT: To be determined
ACT: To be determined
No SAT Subject Tests</p>

<p>Extracurricular activities:
- Avid sport analyst for 3 years - committed over 1000 hours of my time
- +100 of mis. community service
- Gamer for 8 years - won competitions at the community level
- a few other things</p>

<p>Teacher Recommendation: One of the most pleasant students to have ever taught (multiple replies)</p>

<p>Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>First-gen, low income will help you. Being Asian won't. Definitely don't include swimming and basketball on your app since you didn't do them in high school. Highlight the fact that you have worked so much at your parents store, a good essay could be something relating to that. I'd say probably don't elaborate on the social pressure piece. Your SAT scores seem like they're going to be great. And, if you're into chem, try to take a subject test in maybe chem and math or something.</p>

<p>I honestly don't know much about the UC system, but as a California resident I'm sure you could get into many of them with your SAT score. I'd say JHU and WUSL would be high reaches, mainly because of your GPA, although I'd definitely apply if I was you, since you never know. I don't know much about St. Mary's.</p>

<p>Well first gen is a plus, but race is not like the person above me said. Also, upward trend in gpa is a plus. I honestly dont know that much about the UC's but here is my take: </p>

<li>UCSD- High match/low reach</li>
<li>UCLA- Reach</li>
<li>UC Berkeley- Reach</li>
<li>USC- High match/low reach</li>
<li>UCSF- Match</li>
<li>UC Davis- Match</li>
<li>John Hopkins University- High Reach</li>
<li>Washington University St. Louis- High Reach</li>
<li>St. Mary's College- Saftey</li>

<p>Don't put that you're a gamer (I'm assuming you're referring to video games).</p>

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<p>Yeah, I figured putting "gamer" as a EC wouldn't be the best idea :P</p>

<p>It depends on how good you are at gaming. If you are prestige in Call of Duty, or if you have a K/D of at least 3.0, then you should include it to show how you are multifaceted in your talents. Also, I heard the adcoms like it if you use unqiue weapons (aka not noobtube).</p>