Chance Me at Ivies and Top Schools?

<p>Hey guys. I am new here. I was wondering if you guys could give me some realistic chances at getting in to some prestigious colleges. Can you guys tell me which ones are reaches, safeties, and matches for me? Thank you so much!</p>

<p>Schools (I plan on pursuing an engineering degree): GaTech, Illinois, Michigan, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell?, Purdue, Northwestern?, Johns Hopkins ED (favorite), Rice, Duke, Maryland, Ohio State (in-state), Virginia, Vandy, Brown??, Case Western(in-state), Lehigh, and Notes Dame.</p>

<p>Background: Caucasian white male. Very competitive public high school in Ohio. Top 1% ranked by Collegeboard.</p>

<p>Academics: 3.999 UW 4.454 W GPA
6 Ap classes (US History, US Government, Chemistry, Psychology, Statistics, English Lit) 4's and 5's in all.
I have taken all Honor's classes and most Ap classes available.
34 ACT comp
205 PSAT score
I will be taking Chemistry and US History subject tests. I plan on atleast 750 on both.
I am in the top 5% of my class</p>

<p>Ec's: Leadership Club 4 years (Youth Staff 2 Years), Spanish Club 4 years, Ski Club 4 years, Baseball 2 years, Cross Country 3 years, Track and Field 2 years, Freshmen Mentor 2 years, National Honor Society 2 years, and a few others that I am forgetting about.</p>

<p>Service: I volunteer at a hospital and I plan on having atleast 300+ hours. Angel Tree Party 15 hours. I fed and entertained less fortunate. Ohio Reeds 50+ hours. Mentoring and reading to elementary students. Packed goods for Haiti. And a few others.</p>

<p>Jobs: Food tender at a pool in summer. Tutor to young students in winter, fall, and spring.</p>

<p>Summer: Boys State. I plan on doing a research internship at Cleveland Clinic.</p>

<p>Awards: National Merit Commended, AP Scholar, I got an award with the hopsital I volunteer at. Also, a few local awards for character and being a student athlete.</p>

<p>I just would like to simplify this long list to schools that I actually have chances to get in. Thanks for your help.</p>