Chance Me: Drexel University, Boston University and New York University

<p>Hello everyone! I know that you all get asked to "chance" people all of the time, so I apologize for being stereotypical :P. </p>

<p>Gender: Male
Grade: Junior
Schools: New York University, Drexel University, Boston University</p>

<p>I think my GPA is somewhere around the 3.6 or 3.65 range..</p>

<p>Current ACT Score (I'm going to be taking it a couple more times):
English: 29
Mathematics: 35
Reading: 24 :(
Science: 30
Cumulative: 30
Current SAT Score (I'm going to be taking it a couple more times): 1800..I can't remember how well I did in each area. However, I plan on raising this score..
SAT Subject Tests: I'm going to be taking Math II and Spanish w/o listening.</p>

Tennis - JV Freshman and Sophomore Year, Planning on Varsity for Junior and Senior Year
Math Club - Compete at math competitions
Mu Alpha Theta - Math Honors's for kids who are obsessed with math, like me
Tutoring - I offer free math tutoring for kids who need it at my school.
Cultural Diversity Club Chief Ambassador - I help plan events and such. It hasn't been super active lately though :/</p>

<p>Course Rigor: During my Freshman and Sophomore Year I took all honors classes, and during this school year as well as my senior year I'm going to be in the International Baccalaureate Program. It is extremely time consuming and extremely difficult, which is why my Extra Curriculars are lacking so much. </p>

<p>I know I still have a few holes in my admission stuff, but try the best you can to chance me! Thank you guys! :D</p>

<p>Bumpbumpbump :P</p>

<p>You seem to be more comfortable with the ACT, so why don’t you drop the SAT entirely? You don’t need both.</p>

<p>Also, I think your school choices are pretty reasonable. I can’t chance you, but I think you have good chances at all of them (bar NYU perhaps). Bear in mind that NYU doesn’t give out a lot of aid.</p>

<p>You should be good to go for Drexel, maybe even a scholarship. BU is a match, but NYU is extremely hard to get into nowadays… you might want to take the ACTs again get a higher score and get your GPA up keep up the good work. Also seeing that you are a junior, you still have time to start a club or run for student government. If you can put those in your transcript, that will be hugee to admission to a school like NYU. Anything you can get.</p>

<p>Yeah you should be into Bu and def into Drexel nyu is maybe a slight reach but do able goodluck can u please chance me back on one of my threads</p>

<p>Thank you guys so much! I appreciate the feedback :)…</p>

<p>I just have one more question in regards to what Ghostt said about not having to take both the ACT and the SAT…does it look bad to only take one of them? If it doesn’t worsen my chances, then I probably will drop the SAT entirely because I had to work really hard to get my ACT up to a 30 (and it’d be nice to raise it a few more points) and I’d rather not spent that amount of time on ANOTHER standardized test if it is unnecessary. Plus, I’m going to be taking SAT subject tests…so why waste time studying for the general SAT test when I could use that time for studying for the subject tests?</p>

<p>It doesn’t look bad to take just one test as long as you have a legit score. I made the mistake of trying ACT for once and got a horrible score and didn’t send that score to anywhere. I only used my SAT score. It’ll be a hassle getting used to another test format. If you already have a 30 in a test, you should stick with that and work on getting a better score from there.</p>

<p>Alright guys, thanks! I appreciate the feedback :)</p>

<p>i agree that you shouldn’t worry about the SATs; colleges really only need 1, and most people take one or the other. you look fine for all of these, especially if you bump up your ACT just a little bit. NYU is more of a high match but you’re definitely competitive for admission. </p>

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