chance me Edinburgh and St Andrews!

SAT: 1400 superscore
UW GPA: 3.89 W GPA: 4.2
3 APs: 5, 5, 5
world history sat 2: 660
(taking 2 more)

Chance me please!

What subject are you applying for; and which APs have you done?

international relations, and world history, English literature, and us history. ill also be taking European history next year

IR is one of the most popular courses at both places. Decent odds, but wouldn’t be surprised if any offer was conditional on your Euro score (yes, they can do that even though you technically have enough scores already).

I’d say you’re in the ball park, but as @collegemm says, IR is a competitive course. Make sure your PS is focussed and your teacher rec is strong, and you have a decent shot.

How are your languages?

Not great is that important? Also I read that IR at Edinburgh has an 80% acceptance rate for international students. Is that not right? Should I apply to a different major and transfer?

For acceptance to either program, languages are not important. For getting jobs in the field they are very important. Build that into your planning.

As with most UK unis (major exceptions being Oxbridge, and to some extent StAs), if you have the stats required, with a decent PS & LoR, you are likely to get an offer. An offer = an acceptance…except that it can be conditional on achieving scores that you won’t get until summer.

Trying to set expectations…D has following stats: ACT 32 (ss); AP 5s for Wrld History and Literature AP 4 for USHistory; taking US Govt, French and Composition with predictive 5s (schedule does not allow preferred European History); SAT IIs are 740 Literature, 710 World History; 700 US Govt; 740 French.
She will have a fine PS in terms of structure/grammer/content as written (up to the reader to truly evaluate in terms of “likability”). Her LoR will be solid as well. Her HS currently has submitted 5 applicants over last 3 years, all 5 got offers and all 5 attending.
IR and French Jt Degree are intended courses of study…opinion of her chances?

Applying to St As

Her PS should not be written with the aim of showcasing likability. It needs to be about her academic interest in and suitability for the course.

I understand about the purpose, the phrase likability was more a loose point of interesting/compelling that the reader liked the PS, but the point is well taken.