Chance me for a bunch of schools?

<p>Just joined, don't really have much of an idea how this site works. Here goes!</p>

<p>I applied to Georgetown's School of Foreign Service Early Action and was deferred, pretty much exactly what I was expecting. My interviewer really liked me though!</p>

<p>The schools I'm looking at are William and Mary, Vanderbilt, UPenn, Brown, Tufts, Northwestern, George Washington, URichmond, Puget Sound, the better UCs (University of California), and of course, Georgetown's SFS, all regular admission. I know a lot of those are reaches.</p>

<p>I'm a Caucasian male with no legacy at any of these schools. (Woo hoo!) My intended major is international relations; if a school doesn't have that, I'll go political science.</p>

<p>Oh, and I'm not applying for any financial aid.</p>

-San Francisco, CA
-Public, in US News and World Report top 100
-No class rank
-3.85 UW GPA, 4.05 weighted (school only offers one weighted class before junior year, highest GPA possible is around a 4.3 weighted)
-I've taken every AP class I've been able to (as in not taking the unweighted versions of any classes)
-Currently taking AP Mandarin (I'm Caucasian, non-native speaker), AP English Lit, AP Calc BC, AP European History, Journalism, and Economics
-Taken 8 weighted classes total, two college-level courses for credit (both A's)</p>

-700 Critical Reading, 710 Math, 760 Writing; 2170 total
-770 US History, 750 Math II, 700 Chem
-5 on AP English Lang test, 5 on AP US History test, 3 on AP Calc AB test
-Never touched an ACT</p>

-School tennis team for all 4 years, 3 JV, 1 Varsity. Captain of JV junior year. We win a lot (Var hasn't lost a league match in 11 years).
-Taught drug education classes for middle school students during junior year
-Coached at a middle school tennis clinic for all 4 years
-On my school's Site Council and Curriculum Forum this year; I basically work with the principal and the superintendent's office to suggest changes to academic departments
-Club soccer freshman and sophomore years
-Publicity manager for my school's Junior Statesmen of America chapter junior and senior year
-Participated in JSA's Diplomat Program, was selected with 25 other students to study at a university in Beijing for a month this summer
-Ukulele Club vice president (yes, that's a thing) junior and senior year
-Did campaign work for Gov. Jerry Brown, Sen. Barbara Boxer and Gov. Jon Huntsman, mostly phonebanking and canvassing junior and senior year
-I've produced YouTube videos almost daily for the past four years, and now am a YouTube partner and receive thousands of views a day. It's a really long story.</p>

<p>My essay is definitely strong, I basically wrote some semi-fictional story about an old Chinese taxi cab driver telling me about self-sabotage and self-motivation in Chinese over the summer. Good stuff.</p>

<p>Both of my teacher recommenders and my counselor really like me and know me well, so I'm sure they're going to write something wonderful.</p>

<p>Thanks! If there's anything else I forgot, tell me!</p>

<p>Your biggest issue is your CR plus math 1410. It's not competitive for ivies and peers when you're applying from an overrepresented area. Also, schools will know where you rank from the grade distribution and other data they'll have on your high school. If your high school is like most CA publics, you're not near the top of your class with a 4.05.</p>

<p>So the ivies are a major reach and Tufts, NU and Vandy are more realistic reaches. You have a good shot at the others.</p>

<p>Looking at school stats and just thinking about my student body, I'm definitely top 10 percent, probably somewhere between 5 and 10.</p>

<p>You didn't mention if you are ELC eligible? In CA, the top 9% of a school's class is ELC, as long as your school is ELC eligible. That's how you at least know if you are in the top 10% decile for CA residents. Also, what is your UC GPA?</p>

<p>I'd say your best bets are at: GWU, Richmond, PS, and UCSD. Cal and UCLA are realistic possibilities, but high matches (or low reaches if you are not ELC), so not slam-dunks by any means. All the others are reaches of varying degrees.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>

<p>I am ELC eligible, really not focusing much on the UCs though. I guess I'm just mostly interested in the private schools to which I'm applying.</p>

<p>...bump? possibly...</p>