Chance me for anything good? Will chance back!

<p>I’ve truly felt like I’ve not paid any attention at all to any of my classes, and I am FREAKING out. I don’t think I’ll have a chance to get into anything really, (top 30 or so). Please, do provide an honest opinion- I have listed 2 questions on the bottom that I would LOVE to get answered! I am currently a junior, so some things are not filled.
Here it goes…
SAT 780 M, 760 R, 780 W
SAT (II), ACT: Will take these two.
GPA: Unweighted: 3.69 or a 3.71 if I do take a summer class. Weighted is like a 4.4 something…
AP test taken:
AP World History: 5
AP Geography: 5
AP U.S . Government: 5
AP Macroeconomics: 4
AP European History: 4
AP English Literature: 4
AP Statistic: 3
AP U.S. History: 5
AP English Language (or something like that): 5
AP Biology: 4< Prediction (will try my but off to get a 5)
AP Psychology- 5
AP BC Calculus: - going to take, and another AP as well. </p>

IB Mathematics (SL):6< Prediction, will work my but off.
IB French B: 5
IB Chemistry HL: N/A
IB History HL: N/A
IB English HL: N/A </p>

<p>Awards: Mu Alpha Theta, Placed in 3 competitions (not extremely high, but pretty decent), Debate Competition- won 5th place in one, AP National Scholar- I have job awards (look below) </p>

9th: Ecology Club (BTW, boring as hell, so I quit)
10th: Debate Club
11th: Debate Club, Mu Alpha Theta
12th: Debate Club, Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, Science Honor Society
Sports: Have done taekwondo since a little kid… am now going for a degree black belt, have a brown in karate, and a yellow in ju jutsu- will help out in the dojo during summer as well.
2 Chess tournaments- nothing in 1, and 3rd in one. </p>

<p>Work Experience: (IDK if this will help or not, feel like this is all worthless)
Experienced web designer- proficient in HTML, c++, and php
Experienced Internet Marketer, have designed many products, built sites, experience with computers is crazy high.
Products I have created and launched on the internet:
Pro’s Passive Income Guide (200+ sold)
Youtube Powerbomb (500+ sold)
Backlinking Powerbomb (Currently working on it, but expect 2000+ sold)- Will donate 80% to charity for a CASTT project for IB- should be approximately $20,000.
Co- producer in ABC wordpress plugin (3000+ sold)
Am a backlinking expert- have studied Google’s algorithims, know how to site ranks, have over 50+ clients- also an expert SEO consulter, having worked on over 20+ sites.
Launched many successful business, and stopped as profits dropped, including:
Blog commenting, article writing, backlinking, and more. All have great reviews, and crazy popularity.
Apart from this, I have sites that I own, and have launched.
I own, have designed, and operate: (3000+ uniques every month, used for income generation for which a part goes to charity)
I own, have designed, and operate:, used entirely for charity contributions (receives over 1000+ unique visitors every month)<br>
I own, have designed, and operate:, an anime forum currently under renovation, which gets 7,000+ uniques every month.
I also have 2 blogs for non-charity purposes that I am currently working.
I also have 2 major sites which get 100,000+ uniques every month, (but for entirely economical purposes, so I will not include them)
I also own over 10 mini sites such as:,, etc.
I am a leading animator with extensive experience with programs such as Sony Vegas, adobe premiere, etc. I also have limited knowledge in flash, and coding.
I have made AMV’s for fun, and won a lot of awards (Japan Expo ,etc)
I have created custom applications for the Windows 7 Phone (2 of them), but both were flops, so will not include.
I am an elite Clickbank Member( Affiliate), as well as top 500 Amazon Affiliate Vendors. </p>

<p>Community Service:
Lead Volunteer at Pinecrest Gardens (Summer of ’10): 80+ hours
Taekwondo volunteer: 30+ hours
CASTT Project for IB (Backlinking Powerbomb)- not finished, but supervisor says it is at least 200-300 hours.
Mu Alpha Theta (Help tutor math kids): 30+ hours
National Honor Society, Science Honor Society in senior year should get me at least another 10+ hours
One of 2 lead volunteers teaching Chess to little kids at Ponce de Leon Middle: 20+ hours, continuing
Have made numerous contributions to charities, etc. And same old usual: have run a couple of walks, been to a couple of places, etc.
Total Hours: 170 hours, when applying, should be at least 370. </p>

<p>Summer Activities: Except Pinecrest Gardens, nothing. SHOOT ME. I will for sure do something this summer. </p>

<p>Please let me know what you think- how do you think my chance of getting into places like Vanderbilt, John Hopkins, anything really in top 30- and please recommend what you think would be a good match for computer science majors. (See below)
Also, I am obsessed with computers (as you guys can see), and am looking to going into Computer Science. Do you think my great experience with computers will help me at ALL?
I know I've gone overly specific up on top, but I feel like I have nothing else....
I will try my best to get a killer essay, and a killer recommendation!</p>

<p>I honestly think that any non-ivy school for you would be a safe bet, however any ivy league is a crapshoot, but your credentials are amazing... And also vandy does have a good comp sci program</p>

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<p>Whatchoo talking about?
Lol. Your extracurriculars are great.
You'll def get into at least 1 good school.</p>

<p>Really? I don't think they would really consider my work "great", and if you just look at my extracirriculars, they're pretty bad. Any other opinions guys? Would really appreciate it!</p>

<p>Your work experience shows a lot of dedication and initiative. Looks impressive to me. You have worked on those computer languages and websites during the summer, haven't you? That isn't nothing.
Your passion for computers will definitely help you at the right school. How about Carnegie Mellon?</p>

<p>Your work experience definitely boosts you up quite a bit, and you have above average chances at Ivies as well as other top 20 colleges. You'll definitely get in somewhere great.</p>

<p>@greennblue- thanks for the comment, will for sure look into Carnegie Mellon.
@xquiksilver- Really? I thought most colleges consider the work experience through a very limited perspective, and it doesn't really have much of an impact on their decision. Sometimes, there isn't even a room on the application for mentioning such a thing. What is killing me right now is my unweighted... having an "above average" chance in IV's with such a low one doesn't seem realistic at all to me, or am I wrong? </p>

<p>Would love more opinions- let me know guys!</p>

<p>Great credentials! Except for summer and EC stuff could use some work I suppose. Like you said the GPA will hurt as well, but those SAT scores will definitely help you out. Schools care less about the breadth of experience you have and more about developing a passion...which you obviously have in your computer programming work. JHU and Vandy shouldn't be a problem for you, but anything top 10 is a complete tossup. Depending on your geographic location and ethnicity you probably have a good shot though. </p>

<p>Chance back?</p>

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