Chance me for Canadian business schools

<p>So I will be starting senior year this September and I was looking at universities over summer to come up with a list of the ones I wanna apply for! The more I search for schools, the more scared I get! I think I won't get into anything.. some people say that I have a good resume and some people say I have to get lucky to get in my top 5!
First of all, I wanna go to Eastern Canada (if that's what they call it) like Ontario, Montreal, and the cities around there!
I'm studying iB diploma, I have 28 points as my final G11 points (without bonus points) but I will raise it to 31-32 easily because I had difficulties understanding the criteria in some cases and I really didn't study much for two of my courses. I'm not taking easy courses at all. I'm taking Chemistry HL, Art HL, Business and Management HL, English A1 SL, Arabic Ab., Math SL!</p>

<p>My EC's are:</p>

<p>1/ Student Council as the communication officer (one of the main positions in my school).
2/ Prom committee (I'm the only guy hahaha but I did it just for EC).
3/ 150 hours of community service.
4/ I'm an Adobe Certified Expert on Photoshop (there is a hard test for it that I passed).
5/ I had my own photography business since I was 16 (I've worked for modeling agencies and freelance models and I also had exhibitions in Dubai and States).
6/ Work experience as finance and marketing intern in a mid-sized company.
7/ Found raising and voluntary stuff like Teri Fox run and Breast Cancer run.
8/ Varsity Rugby team.
9/ Fluent in Farsi and English. Understand Arabic.</p>

<p>There is one more thing about me! I'm an Iranian student who moved just a year ago to Dubai, UAE (I started my junior year 10 days after I moved). So it was generally hard to deal with everything! I've never studied in English, I didn't have any friends, and all that usual international student stuff but I survived pretty well. Although I admit that I slaked a bit too! Do schools even consider these stuff? Like how you managed to survive when you never spoke English on a daily basis and actually started learning it in high school?</p>

<p>Now I wanna see what are my chances in getting accepted to these schools:</p>

<p>Schulich School of Business
Ivey School of Business
Rotman School of Business
McGill School of Business
Queens School of Business
John Molson School of Business
Ted Rogers School of Management (Ryerson)
Sprott School of Business (Carlton)
UTSC Co-op Management</p>

<p>The list is long, I know! But I'm applying to all of them since I'm very scared that I might not even get accepted to any! I think my grades are supper awful!</p>

<p>The other thing is, do they even look at my EC's?</p>

<p>Thank you very much for reading this far!
Please help a paranoid senior :&lt;/p>