Chance me for Columbia, Brown, and Dartmouth?

<p>These are my far reaches, by the way. I already applied but I would like to know if I stand any chance at all..</p>

<p>State: California
Gender: Female
Race: white
Weighted GPA: 4.0
Unweighted GPA: 3.75..
Major: Journalism
APs: AP Euro(3), AP US History(5), AP Calculus AB(2....), AP English Language and Comp.(4), AP Biology (4), taking AP Literature, AP Statistics, and AP Government/Macro this year. Also taking Calculus BC and Psychology tests in may.
School: Somewhat competitive public school
Rank: Top 10% out of 427
ACT: n/a
SAT: Writing(710), WR(740), Math(690..) --2140
SAT Subject Tests: US History (740), Bio-E (690)</p>

<p>E-Cs & Awards:</p>

<li>Yearbook 9,10,11,12; Copy editor 12; attended yearbook summer camp and NSPA high school journalism convention; competing for Yearbook Pacemaker award this year</li>
<li>I speak English, French pretty well, and I am intermediate in Japanese</li>
<li>Model United Nations Club 10,11; VP Senior year </li>
<li>Environmental Club (Historian 11 and 12); co-head in organizing xeriscape garden to be built this year on our campus
-Run a pet-walking and pet-sitting service with my brother; volunteer to walk dogs and play with shelter animals every saturday at animal shelter
-Quiddich Club, participate in regional tournaments
-Habitat for Humanity Club (volunteer 20 hours a year)</li>
<li>Varsity Lacrosse, earned letter (9)</li>
<li>Only started fencing winter of junior year, but I am already privately coached and will soon enter competitions; too early to be NCAA, but I am passionate about it</li>
<li>Volunteer at local children's library: storytime, organizing arts and crafts, and shelfing/checking (60 Hours a year) (10, 11, 12)</li>
<li>AP Scholar with Honor Award
-Principles (9,10,11) and Superintendents Honor Roll (10,11)
-Volunteer for WASC (11, 12) It's this thing where I go to meetings after school with teachers and parents to earn our school accreditation (it is a new school) (12 hours a year)
-I paint and sketch; I am putting together a sketchbook of indigenous flora and fauna I find on trails in the local nature park for fun
-Self-taught Japanese using Rosetta Stone software, also taking classes in community college
-Psychology class at community college next semmester, because the AP Psych classes at my school were full and I really wanted to take it</li>

<p>-I think my essays were pretty strong, but I really regret not spending more time perfecting them because I am a going into a writing-based major.
-My teacher reccommenders love me and care about me; I don't know my counceler as well as I'd like but she likes me (she hates almost everyone so thats good)</p>

<p>*I know I'm not stellar but I think I have a chance??
*I dropped AP French at the beginning of this year because I was extremely depressed and couldn't participate or do my homework; I had to switch into a non-academic office-aid class and only have 3 AP's. I am terrified that schools will think I am in the class because I am lazy and don't want to learn, even though I am switching into speech and debate spring semester
*I was also diagnosed with adhd just last week but I didn't mention it. The fact that I have achieved all this WITH adhd is impressive, I am sure, but should I have mentioned it?</p>

<p>GPA is decent. Test scores are good, and I think the fact that you have some good ECS also really helps. The AP Scholar with award is great as well! The only thing I see setting you back is your math score but your still almost at a 700 so possibly your ECs/essays/recs can make up for that. I'd say decent shot at Columbia, Brown, and Dartmouth. But they are a crap shoot for everyone. You've passed the thresh holds, the rest is up to chance. Regardless, you have some great accomplishments and I'm sure you'll be an asset to wherever you end up going! I think mentioning adhd would have helped, but don't stress over the fact that you didn't mention it. If anything you can have your GC mention it in her notes for the mid-year report and you should be covered. </p>

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<p>I don't want to be a downer but you are talking about the ivies. They would expect you to have won some major competition especially writing related since you are an English major.</p>

<p>^^^ I don't know I've seen people get in without having won some kind of national award. It's not like EVERY candidate they accept has won a national award. But you do bring up a good point. Admission to the ivies is EXTREMELY competitive. It gets more competitive with every year. I would advise you to apply. But don't get your heart set on it that you would be absolutely devastated if you didn't get in.</p>

<p>That's what I was thinking. I know there are lots of admits that seem to "slip in", and I think I have some sort of a chance to be one of them.
I think I am more NYU-caliber, in the end. It is my realistic goal. If I manage to slip into an Ivy, I'd probably die.</p>

<p>Not very likely, but that is the case with everybody else.</p>

<p>Just don't count on getting into them.</p>

<p>Just letting you know, the ivies you listed do not have a journalism major. For the record, none of the ivies do.</p>

<p>Your GPA could be better and your test scores are average compared to other ivy applicants, meaning that although it may not be the aspect of your application that lands you a rejection letter, it probably won't be the reason of your acceptance either. Your ECs aren't bad.</p>

<p>All in all, I think you have a decent shot at Dartmouth if you ED. Perhaps similar chances at Brown if you emphasize your ECs and essays. Columbia will be even harder to get into. Remember the application process is extremely selective. You're competing with valedictorians, 2400s and nationally ranked award recipients. Keep your hopes up but look into good backup schools in the meantime. Best of luck.</p>