Chance Me for Columbia/UPenn/JHU

<p>Schools Applying:
Johns Hopkins
Carnegie Mellon
UC Berkeley

<p>SAT I: 700 Math, 740 Reading, 740 Writing (1440/1600) (2180/2400)
SAT: Taking them in November (Math 2, Lit, Chem)
ACT: 33 (retaking, will have score back in 2-3 weeks)</p>

<p>Junior Yr Courseload: AP Bio (3), AP Chem (3), Pre-calc honors, Latin 3, History electives, English electives (3 on ap lit exam)<br>
GPA (unweighted/weighted): 3.73/3.97</p>

<p>Senior yr courses: AP Calc AB, AP Psych, AP Latin, AP English Lit, Physics Honors
fall midterm GPA: 3.74/4.22
expected final fall GPA: 3.8/4.28</p>

<p>Hooks: (1st generation college, but thats just about it)
College Recs: didnt see them, but heard they're really good</p>

<p>retaking SAT I in December to get that Math up to mid-high 700s, hopefully.
also I go to a college prep school where classes are so much harder than public schools, will that help in admissions?</p>

<p>Your test scores aren't so great, but your GPA is good. It'll probably come down to ecs, essays, and recs. If those are all good, then I think you have a decent chance. You should provide information on ecs for a better response. Can you chance me back?</p>

<p>With my knowledge more about California schools, I would say for UCLA/UCB, as much as many of us dont like it, your race plays a major role. If you are an Asian, my guess would be that it will be tough. If not, reasonably good chance.</p>

<p>Yea im Asian. but i've already changed my mind about applying to the UC schools, they wouldnt give me much aid their too broke.
Im aiming to break the 1500 (out of 1600) when I retake the SATs in december. what do you think my chances will be then for the other schools i've listed?</p>

<p>My ECs: Science Research Group (president), Model UN, Math Club (leader), editor-in-chief of school newspaper, jv tennis, Junior Statesmen of America, and i think thats mostly it</p>

<p>I recently read an article from Harvard's head of admissions (I think it was a kind of a blog where he answered questions from readers in USA Today or some national newspaper) where he says that 2250 in SAT is not very different from 2350 and they will consider these more or less same. With the others (SAT and ACT) within range for the colleges of your choice (though I am little surprised that weighted GPA is not very high) , I would guess it all depends on what kind of a "dramatic story/event" you can write in Essays and ECs. And 1st Gen college is really a big thing especially if you can bring that story into your essays - I heard about this in almost all of the sessions when colleges visited my area. I am myself looking for a sob story but other than playing school Basketball while being extremely un-athletic (till a little while back), cant think of anything else.</p>

<p>Thanks! My personal statement isnt about a sob story (more like overcoming a difficulty in school story, not related to being 1st gen or indian), but i'll try to include that in my supplemental essays.
Also, how many AP courses over the course of high school will suffice to put me in good standing in terms of course rigor. I've taken only 5APs and 3Honors. Does that sound low?</p>

<p>did u do anything in the clubs or did you just hold the position?</p>

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<p>no ECs = no entry :(</p>

<p>We go to a state-level competition for science research group every year, my math team participated in a team scramble last year a national school team contest and placed top 20 in the country, and me and a friend created a website for the school newspaper.
Also, for Model UN I have partipated at the conferences at Princeton and UPenn, and I have won an award at the Penn conference, which I'll be going to again this year, in addition to Cornell.</p>

<p>I think you would get in w/ your current scores @ Johns Hopkins. Frankly, it proabably doesn't make a significant difference wrt your academic future, ie postgrad, between JHU / CC/ Penn ..I know it's perhaps too general a statement, but I think perception is different from reality here..I got into med school from JHU undergrad, whereas my old HS buddy got into Penn UG, and got rejected from med schools 3 years running ...that's anecdotal, i know, and a bit dated, but food for thought. But overall, in the larger scheme of things, at that level, there's no difference in terms of education. Does CC have an "inside" track to HYPC law ? probably..but JHU has a little "inside track" for med schools in general....but i would suggest going to college for the education, not as a "pre-something"..Good luck !</p>

<p>Columbia - Reach
UPenn - Reach
Cornell - Reach
Johns Hopkins - Low Reach
Haverford - In
Carnegie Mellon - Match
Tufts - Low Reach
UC Berkeley - Reach
UCLA - Reach</p>

<p>Chance Back: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Thanks GoBlueJays! How would you say your experience at JHU was, as a bio major, but also overall in their liberal arts? Were you happy with where you got offers for med school?</p>

<p>Update: No longer applying to Carnegie Mellon, UCLA, or Berkeley</p>

<p>It was one of the best learning experiences in my life. In that way, I was satisfied.The level JHU UG premed curriculum expects is far beyond even what most med schools expect out of their students,let alone other UG premed programs. The med school curriculum is far easier than JHU's Organic chem, organic chem lab, Molecular Cell bio 1 and 2, Genetics,etc. It's almost purely memorization, which to me is a lower form of thought. .JHU premed is probably the best in the country for getting premeds in. You should realize that most other schools pre-select the ones applying to med school, in order to improve their statistics, but JHU has no such prohibition, their attitude is more like, you want it, ya got it. Their premed committee writes a synopsis of letters of they get behind their applicants 110%.But if you're not into the sciences, and more humanities, I would go to Columbia first. But JHU beats Columbia and all other programs in the country in premed. Of course, this should not be the only criterion for your choice of colleges to attend, but it's important.</p>

<p>Alright, thanks a lot! Thats really helpful.</p>