Chance me for Columbia?

<p>Please Read All. Columbia 2016?</p>

<p>ACT: 35
SAT: 1600/1600
Weighted GPA: 103
AP's: World, Chem, Lang, USH, French, Italian, Calc BC, Physics C, Lit, Macro, Gov, Stat</p>

Choir, Orchestra, Independent Research, Science Olympiads (Vice President), National Honor Society, Italian Honor Society (President), Music Honor Society, French Honor Society, Model UN (Head Secretary), Mathletes (Treasurer), Volunteer (every Saturday), National Merit Scholar, Volleyball (Captain), and I work at Starbucks. </p>

<p>JK LOL. This is just a reminder that not everyone on this website is an overachiever and sometimes it's impossible to leave this website with high hopes for the future. So next time you post 1200/1600 isn't good or something of that nature, just think about it first. Thanks.</p>

<p>Sincerley, An Average B+ High School Student</p>

<p>^ My favorite post to date :-)</p>

<p>LOVE THIS! Could not agree more!</p>

<p>i swear those posts **** me off. because they are a bunch of lies!</p>

<p>@newtongirl thanks for this post! :)</p>