Chance me for D-mouth! I will chance back

<p>For Middlebury, Bowdoin, Williams, and Dartmouth... (my top 4) </p>

<p>GPA: 4.0 (out of 4.0)
Top 10%
SAT: 2210 (M: 790; V: 630; WR: 790)
SAT subject: Math I-730; US History-650
AP: Euro 4; US 4; Calc AB 3; Chem 3; currently taking Stats, English, and Environmental </p>

<p>• won a community stewardship grant
• physical science award; english award; biology award; spanish award
• captain of crew team
• National Merit Commended Scholar
• AP Scholar w/ Honor
• Cornell University Book Award
• president, Student Ambassadors
• Board of Directors on a local charity
• 2 years of student government
• skipped a grade in math during high school </p>

<p>• from Maine</p>

<p>Well, you're definitely a good candidate, but I think you already knew that. The only issue I can see is your SAT score and lack of national level achievements. All in all, it will be a crapshoot, but you stand a chance. Good Luck!</p>

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<p>Middlebury - Mid Reach
Bowdoin - Don't know anything about, sorry
Williams - High Reach
Dartmouth - High Reach
They all seem like reaches but I think you have a chance as long as you have strong essays/recs</p>

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<p>You stand a great chance at Dartmouth. Just realize that the ivies are unpredictable for everyone. So while you have a chance, no one is by any means 100% a "shoo-in." </p>

<p>For the other schools (but I haven't researched Bowdoin), I think they're a slight reach as well but you still have an excellent chance at all of them. You stand a better chance at those than Dartmouth probably but still a good candidate for any one of those schools :) Best of luck to you!</p>

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<p>thanks for the responses! </p>

<p>how much will a Dartmouth legacy help me? My dad is an active alum</p>

<p>the legacy will get you in. easily. i say 95% chance you're in</p>

<p>I think you're getting truly bad advice here. The 630 CR will all but definitely keep you out of Dartmouth. They reject over 75% of legacies and those accepted are generally solidly in range on every front. Your AP scores will hurt too.</p>

<p>Williams is also highly unlikely, Midd a significant reach, maybe Bowdoin.</p>

<p>I disagree. I had a friend who got in with a 620 CR. Given.. they were an URM. But I wouldn't discourage the OP from applying because Dartmouth is holistic, and other parts of the app can make up for a sub-par SAT. I think CC'ers put overemphasis on SAT. I have been told numerous times by admissions officers that they do not matter as much as one would think.</p>

<p>JW, get a grip on what it takes, you're giving unbelievably bad advice all over these boards.</p>

<p>I disagree that your SAT score is a weakness. Your CR is below avg, but 2200 overall is a great score. Your legacy status is also a great hook. I think you have a good shot. (60-70%?). Good luck!</p>