CHANCE ME FOR DUKE ED -- I'll chance back!

I'm a junior at a New England boarding school. I'm applying to Duke ED in the fall and was wondering about my chances. I'll be sure to chance back. Thanks! </p>

<p>School: NE boarding school with ~90 students in my grade
GPA : 89.67
Freshmen year: 86.91 first semester, 93.73 second semester
Sophomore year: 88.09 first semester, 90.21 second semester
Junior year: 89.36 first semester...second semester so far I'm getting above a 90
Rank: my school doesn't rank
Course Rigor: rigorous...I take the most rigorous classes offered in every class but math. Math is my weakness.
Standardized Tests: haven't taken them yet...but based on practice tests, I project 2200+ on the SAT and 32+ on the ACT...I also project 5s on my APs.
ECs: We're required to do an activity each semester, and I've dabbled in field hockey, ice hockey, crew, yoga, community service, and the musical. I'm not a great this year I've done yoga and the musical, my two favorite activities so far. As for clubs...I'm on the math team, GSA, Gospel Choir, Chapel Choir, and Newspaper. I care a lot about each.
Note: Unfortunately, I did not work up to my potential in hs, so I know my grades aren't the best. Even so, they're good in the context of my school...but like I said, not the best. There's nothing I can do to change the past, but I do see good standardized test scores and essays in my future...not to mention that this semester I'm doing well academically.
Income: highest bracket, not applying for aid
Work experience: during the's office assistant, hostess at a restaurant
Chance me honestly, please. I'll chance you back!</p>

<p>Any junior who still hasnt taken the SAT is clearly "lacking". Most intelligent, capable people I know have scored 2200+ on their SATs by january of JR year at the latest and are now pushing for the 2300+ in may and october. Just an observation....
Good luck though, if u can hit a 2200+ u will be a low reach, considering ur low GPA</p>

<p>thanks for the feedback :)
anyone else?!</p>

help me out guys...I'll chance you back!</p>

<p>My daughter is a senior and also attends a boarding school (in Virginia). 3 girls in her class applied ED to Duke...1 got in (Asian, high GPA, top of her class, rigorous course load, the most advanced math, and LOTS of EC's including student head of school), the second got deferred (not as rigorous a course load, but very high GPA...not sure what it is but she was just inducted into cum laude and is known to be a very strong student), the third did not get in and honestly, her stats look more like yours. I do think that ED is a safer bet than RD, but I think your GPA and EC's look a little weak.</p>

<p>With that said, everyone needs a reach and I do think that Duke would be a reach school for you, especially given the fact that you're out of state (aren't you?). There are some things that you can do to improve your chances, though. Get that GPA up into the A range (I'm assuming your GPA is unweighted), and assume a strong leadership role in at least one of the activities that you mentioned "Dabbling" in. I think they would look more favorably on you showing passion for a few things in particular, rather than dabbling in everything. I am curious as to why you haven't taken the SAT yet, especially if you are considering ED. Hope you plan on taking the one in May. That will only give you maybe 2 more opportunities before your application is due.</p>

<p>Good luck and remember don't place all of your hopes and dreams on one school!! This time last year my daughter swore up and down that she wanted to apply ED to Northwestern. Not only did she NOT apply ED to Northwestern, but she didn't apply there, period! Keep your options open!</p>

<p>@ terig - Thanks for the reply! Your perspective is very helpful :) Appreciate it!</p>

<p>Yeah, from what you said it seems it will all come down to a really good SAT score and some good essays. I think that you were definitely qualified and it is within reach, I say: low reach </p>

<p>chance back? :)</p>

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<p>Honestly, ED or RD your chances are pretty low. Your GPA/Class Rank should be AT LEAST top 5% for you to have a fighting chance, not to mention that you haven't taken a standardized test yet...projections are a LOT different from the actual score you receive. Your ECs look a bit like a laundry list; find a few that you are passionate about. Colleges would rather have a student who had 3 clubs and was passionate about all of them and had some leadership, preferably presidency, than a student who had 19 clubs. </p>

<p>Please take this all in positive light; anything is possible!</p>

<p>Chance back?
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<p>Looks like a low reach.
Maybe concentrate your ECs to the thing you like most?
Try not to write a scattered essay.</p>

<p>Chance back?</p>

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<p>Thanks so much for the feedback guys! It's really helpful. It's definitely a reach but from what you guys are saying it looks like I have a shot if I can put together a stronger app.</p>

<p>And anyone else with feedback, please let me know! I'll chance you all back</p>